Love Sucking 2 Guys

Hi have sucked off two guys at once on a few occassions.  There is something very hot about working on a guys ****...while his buddy is watching..with his **** getting harder and harder.

It has been awhile since I have done this..but I always look for the opportunity to do more than one guy at once.

Something about having my mouth used...then sent on my way :)


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2 are better than 1, the more *** the better,

Would love to go for a ride with you and your friends and see how many time I could make each of you fill my mouth and throat with your hard *****!! Let me swallow your ***** while you **** my throat then shoot your hot gooey loads and watch me get every drop!!

I did 2 at once - once. A third guy came around and pulled down my jeans and started crack ******* me. It was really hot and I felt like a total *****. I completely understand your feelings about being used and sent on my way.

I could be Steve anyday!

When I was in high school, I knew this kid, Steve, who would secretely give bj's to a few guys who knew him. I enjoyed his mouth on a few occassions when I had been drinking and was REALLY horny! <br />
<br />
I had told Tommy and Rob about Steve and how he had sucked the liquid lust out of me when I really needed it. Those two agreed with me that it was better to get a blow job from a guy than walk around with balls ready to I talked with Steve and told him the three of us wanted him to suck us dry. Steve looked a bit green at the throught of satisfying three of the horniest guys in school but he agreed.<br />
<br />
Tommy had a van so we all four went to the drive in on Friday with plenty of beer. The two sat up front and I sat in the back with Steve. By the time we got there, I had chugged two beers and my **** was stiff in anticipation of a succulent blow job. I pulled Steve over and pushed his head down between my legs and had him kiss my bulging crotch. I wrapped my legs around his head and told the other two: "Hey...check this out...he's already goin down on me....LOL!".<br />
<br />
They watched while I had him unzip my jeans and pull out my VERY stiff, drooling ****. I pushed his head down on it and he started bobbing up and down, every stroke bringing me that much closer to an explosive ****** his mouth....LOL! Even though I tried, I couldn't last more than two or three minutes of his licking and sucking and the pressure became too much. <br />
<br />
I gasped for air as I let go a torrent of thick spurts into his great spurts and some runny oozing for the rest of the ******. Steve was sucking and licking as much as he could and he managed to swallow pretty much all of it. I pushed him back when my dickhead got too sensitive and still gasping and wheezing laughed at how funny the whole thing was with the other two watching...obviously ready for their suck-off's. <br />
<br />
Steve came up for air and started talking about how intense my ****** was and how much *** I fed him. As he talked, Tommy said: "Oh ****...I can smell the *** on his breath", and, at that, Steve exhaled big breaths of *** breath so it stunk up the whole van!<br />
<br />
Tommy wasn't waiting any longer so I got out of his way as we changed places and he sat with his legs spread in front of Steve waiting for his oral attention. <br />
<br />
Tommy ordered him to: "get it out and suck it...I can't wait god damn it!". Steve obeyed and Tommy had his way with his mouth enjoying it for many seconds before he ********** much like I did....POWERFULLY!. Next was Rob....then we went for round 2. After a bunch of beer and making him drink some of our ****...round 3!<br />
<br />
I went and got some popcorn and when I came back, Tommy opened the door and out wafted odors of ***** and beer. Believe me, it was unmistakable...Steve got his fill and we got our horns trimmed for about a day...LOL!

Not so sure if it's my technique...or if guys just like pumping my mouth:)<br />
Regardless...I love being on my knees or guys that need to feel a hot mouth around them.

I would like to be must have a great technique