They Are So Appreciative

I have sxcked many guys, many of them mutiple times. Only a few were gay. The majority were single bi-guys most of whom recripocated. The next largest group were married men, straight as they could be, who were with me for one thing & one thing receive a good, neat & quick b/j.

I felt for the married guys because they should have been getting this type satisfaction from the woman in their life. Some of them were obviously just aching to have a set of hot, hungry lips wrapped around their manhood servicing their needs. I saw quite a few on a regular basis & my phone rang frequently asking if I could meet them on short notice or after work. Most just needed the opportunity to "pull it out" & let me take things to completion. They appreciated that I didn't "spit", but swallowed their juice & held their manhood in my mouth until they caught their breath. They would zip up & then leave...I had no problems with that. It was sort of understood that's how it was to be anyhow & I was satisfied.

Some really liked my femme attire & overall sissy appearance. This seemed to have relieved the pressure of being with "a queer" for them. A few wanted to indulge in anal which I happily agreed to as I was a definite bottom. Some of these guys liked to ***** & get in bed with me, make out & gave me full freedom to to fulfill the female role. I ensured I was dressed to the 9's and was as femme as possible in these get togethers.

Some of them were able to cxm twice, once via a b/j & again via anal. I viewed these guys as real studs & enjoyed every encounter.
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id love suck **** thanks for adding me