My Passion For My Wife Bossom

I love my wife a lot. I am married for last 12 years since then I was crazy abt her breasts.during love making I tried so many times grab to kiss and suck but she always passage of time my desire of sucking her breasts has grown more...I couldnot talk to her that me too much crazy about her boobs.i search for my problem in many websites then I came to know about adult nursing n read many stories where wife nurses her husband.experience project helped me a lot.i couraged my self and prepared myself to discuss my wish with wife.i started talking but again got nervous fact was remained wife has very fine curves and round shaped full grown breast.i m so crazy I look her when she is going for change when she is busy in kitchen I always stare her boobs peeping thrugh room.i smeel her bra when she is at her work craziness is such I stare her breast after removing her upper when she is in deep night abt 2am I woke n started removing her shirt she incidently woke up and got angry what the hell I was doing..i felt sorry n slept again.i did not talk and felt embarraced in breakfast.i couldn't understand where should I go to discuss afterall it was personal issue.she took me a psychologist where he asked my desease I surprised to hear that I told every thing to doctor," he smiled".he called my wife into his chamber and tell her he is ok no matter of worry.he said only diagonosis you are.please atleast listen to him and then wife was confused what to evening we came home .after dinner kids went to sleep...she sat before me and asked me to explain wt doctor was saying.what do you want to say?i again try to hide but she repeatedly asked...she was not angry I noticed..she kept my face between her hands and asked please tell me I m worried about you.i put my face in her lap n there were tears in my eyes.she asked tell me immediately...otherwise I will take you another doctor...I told her that I want to get close of your breast I always make fantacies of ur breast sucking..i like her very much u did not allow me to even kiss ur nipples during intense I behaved like that...she surprised to hear about my craziness..i told her that I stare her boobs 50times in her deep sleep..she pulled me and hugged me tightly .she immediately uncovered her boobs and said,"dear stare as you wish and suck them when you wish....but should be bold n must be disclosed took 12 years...she was full of tears.from dat day I regularly suck her boobs...she is lactating now.she has filled my life a new excitement
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Aug 4, 2013