How Could I Go To A Store 8 Hours Away From Me And Renew My Contract Withou Knowing It ???!!!

I went to a store to renew my contract when I need a new phone, and found out my contract has been renewed 2 months ago. I couldnt belive that. They told me I renewed my contract somewhere around LA and got free handset for the new 2years contract!?? I live in Berkeley, why did I go to LA which is 8 hours away. I am so mad right now. And the customer service is so bad, they expected you solve the problem by yourself. The good customer service of Tmobile is just for people when they want to get/ update their contract. When you have problems, which is not by your fault but rather Tmobile's fault, you just gotta deal with it by yourself. And the system takes forever to work with, this drives me crazy. I hate that I have to pay every month even thought I dont want the contract. If i dont pay, i will have bad credit. That bad credit should belong to Tmobile!!!!!!
thienvu thienvu
22-25, F
May 10, 2012