I'm Saying Goodbye...

    My marine just tested me for two weeks without talking to me. He wanted to see if I could handle not talking to him for when he deploys. Of course he decided he would talk to everyone else but me. So it made it even harder but somehow he knows I'v been on military wives website and he doesn't like it. I lied to him and told him I haven't. So, it kind of makes me mad. I hope  he didn't see the things I put on here cause I didn't want him to know about any of it. :( But he's sure he knows I'v been on websites like this. So, IDK, but I guess I'll just continue to lie to him not that I like lying. I would be ashamed if he knew I wanted to marry him. :( So, hopefully he hasn't seen anything I have done. I'm saying goodbye because as much as I like talking to all of you my boyfriend doesn't think it's a good idea and I want to respect him. So, I'm glad we've had the talks we have had and I'm glad I have been there for all who have come to me but I'm now gonna have to say goodbye to all of you and wish you the most of luck. :) God Bless You!!! :)

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Jul 27, 2010