Wisdom From Within

It's Yossi here.  I've been reading a lot (trying to hide from my Ethics homework and studying), and have been catching up on the profiles of my dear friends.  I read one friend has been having problems because he stated his opinion and got blocked for it.  I followed the thread, and the young ladies involved and I had to laugh out loud.  Even the monkeys were startled.  One young woman states that when she's in her 40s, she's going to be proud of her age and display her wisdom and the experience of her years.  Ok sweetheart, live the dream, baby.  Another young woman states that she hates it when "adults act like kids" from the ripe old age of 20ish.  Yeah, I hate it when I sit on the kitchen tile in my knickers shoveling ice cream down my gullet while I sob over this stupid man who specifically cast me aside ~because~ of all my wisdom and experience.

Girls, you can preach to the choir all you want about how you're going to be when you reach my age.  You aren't going to be anything like what you think right now.  Do you think I saw myself going back to college at 40ish?  Do you think I saw myself fleeing in the night for my children's and my safety?  Do you think I saw this asshat breaking my heart into a zillion pieces and ******* on the dust plume?  ****, I didn't see what was for dinner the next day let alone what sort of experiences would shape me over twenty years of my life.  And the fact is, neither can you.

So you sit there and lament us older broads all you want.  You sit there and complain about how childish us "old" folks can be.  I think maybe you got some problems of your own that need tending.  Let me give you an example.  If you write a story, you can bet you're going to get criticism as well as acclaim.  If all anyone ever tells you is how awesome you are, how are you going to grow?  If the only thing anyone around you is saying is how clever you are, how smart and wonderful you are, and how much they agree with all your points, you gotta wonder if you're really a mushroom in disguise.  For those of you who don't get it... a mushroom is kept in the dark and fed bullshit. 

You think us old folks can't take criticism, can't change.  I know that the hallmark of my cohort is precisely our ability to accept criticism and endure change.  It's what we been doing since before you were born.  You think we dropped out of the sky as middle-aged ******* with axes to grind?  No, sweetie.  We started out as you.  Young, impulsive, arrogant, righteous, judgmental.  Oh, sure, some of us stayed that way, and that's a sad state.  Now, don't get me wrong.  There ain't a damned thing wrong with being young, naive, impulsive...  The thing is, you march headlong into stupid, get beaten up by it, and emerge a lot less impulsive, naive an ignorant.  You need to make mistakes in order to grow up and develop into complete women.  I was pissed when I heard it too...  women are not complete until around 30-35.  Folks like me, well, we didn't hit the curve until around 40.  And that's ok too. 

You want to get mad at older folks for what isn't going right in your life.  You don't want to hear criticism, at the exact time when you need to hear it most.  You expect that you can say, or write, whatever you like and face zero repercussions for it, but you don't extend that same right to anyone else.  YOU can write whatever you like, but if someone writes something you don't like, you block them, flag them, spank them and send them home crying.  Well, at least you think that's what you're doing. 

Now, I can jump into the fray on behalf of my friends and start a real riot.  That's just not my style.  Sure, I got arrested a few times for brawling.  But don't you see it?  That's what these experiences do:  they teach you how to get the results you want.  Mistakes teach you about you, and how you work best in certain circumstances.  You sleep with your best friends boyfriend and find out what loyalty is.  Your best friend sleeps with your boyfriend and you find out what betrayal is.  You stay up way too late, are barely alive during that important meeting and you find out what responsible behavior is.  You make mistakes and you learn how to not make them by having to fix them.  All of us have been there, some of us still are there.  You're trying to preach down your bony fingers at older women, making accusations about who and what we are.  We are YOU twenty years from now.  Point your bony fingers at us, you're really setting yourself up for some dramatic karma later on.

And for those of you girls who know you can take our men from us...  yeah, you got us there, don't you.  Every man, in every age bracket basically only wants you.  Men my age want you.  Men your age want you.  It's awesome isn't it?  You are the cat's meow, so to speak.  And you surely can take any man you want, can't you?  You can get them to buy you things, get them to fly across an ocean to meet with you, get them to leave their wives of twenty years for the slightest hope that you'll stay.  And we know that you won't even if the men don't.  I've heard young girls say to me that they know they're on a time clock and they're going to have as much fun as they can until their looks fade.  What a hopeless scenario, isn't it?  You're entire aim is to devastate as many women my age as possible because that is testament to your sex appeal and beauty--that you can make mature men do whatever you want for the sexual treasures you believe only you possess. 

It's not enough that you believe yourselves to be more worthy, more intelligent, more experienced, more wise...  you also believe you are more beautiful, more sexual, more sexually mature, more sexually experienced.  You believe yourself to be better women, but why?  One day you will be us, and that day looms closer than you can imagine.  When you are me, what will you say to yourself then?  Do you not realize we thought the same as you twenty years ago?  Do you not realize that we never intended to neglect our spouses sexual needs -- but when our own needs went unmet for twenty years, that part of us was painfully pushed to the darkness?  Do you not realize that we were once young with flawless skin and perfect breasts also?  Do you not realize that we once laughed at the older women too?  You are us and we are you.  Rather than fueling the monster that separates us, why can't we put the monster in its place? 

No, you will not help us silence the monster.  No, we know this, and we know why.  You are coddled in the monster's grip, high atop the Empire State building, safe within its muscular hands.  You will not usurp your own position.  You will not see your precarious situation until you feel yourself falling just as we did.  But that is the true beauty of being a complete woman.  We will catch you, we will nurture you, and we will support you.  That's the truth of wisdom: it knows and it empathizes.  Wisdom knows no arrogance.  Wisdom knows no prejudice.  The things which wisdom knows enables us to understand and show compassion, even for those who spared us none.  Only when you stand beside us, cast out because you violate the monster's laws and dared to grow older; only when you stand up on your own two legs will you see.  We would spare you the suffering we have faced, even though we know we can't.  And so, instead, we show you our strength and courage.  We show you what it means to stand up in the face of absolute rejection and love yourself anyway.  We show you what it means to be cast aside as frigid, sexually dead, useless crones when we peel the paint off the walls with our own tales of sexual exploration.  We show you what it means to be a complete women when all of society aims to ***** us of our sensuality.  We stand fast in the knowledge of who we are, where we've been and where we're headed.  We stand strong, together, because we all know.  We stand complete, no longer ignorant children, but wise and circumspect.  And, we stand with you, because we would not see you endure what we've endured if we can help it.

That's what it means to be a woman, and to show wisdom from within.

--Yossi (C) 2012
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"...women are not complete until around 30-35..."<br />
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I agree.

Hilly stands and cheers this post! Thanks.

You should have seen the first draft... X-[

Thank you for reading!

All I can say is this is fantastic and I love the way you write. Intelligence and wit!

Thank you, Puck. It means a lot to me that you posted. And thank you for liking my writing style. There's an English professor out there that doesn't agree with you! :D