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Last winter i was able to get away for a few hours (married) and saw an ad on craigslist advertising a top shemale. i called her and made an appointment. She charged $200 for a massage. When I got to her apartment she was dressed very sexily (is that a word?) with lingerie. She told me to get undressed and lie face down on the bed and she would be right back. After a couple of minutes she returned. She turned down the lights and started to massage my back. Then she straddled me to get a better angle and i could feel her **** between my butt cheeks. She was semi-hard. As she massaged me she leaned down and started to kiss my neck and lick my ears. I could feel her **** getting harder and harder, as was mine. I reached back and started to fondle it. Then she turned me over and i sucked her for awhile. She asked me if i wanted to get ******. Although I am a virgin (in that area), I said yes. She lubed me up and stuck a condom on her sexy **** and turned me back over. She tried to enter. I could feel her **** head in the opening of my ***. But she couldn't get it past the entry area except for about 2 inches. She stopped when she saw she was hurting me. She took the condom off and told me to suck her ****. Many shemales don't *** or don't *** too much or too often. I guess it has something to do with the female hormones they may be taking and/or the number of times they had *** allready that day. So i layed on my back and she straddled my face and face ****** me. She really was jamming it in my mouth and down my throat. I told her I wanted her to *** on my face and in my mouth. She started jacking her **** very fast while holding it near my mouth. After a couple of minutes she started to moan and i knew it was ******* soon. Then she shot her load across my nose and my lips and then stuck her **** in my mouth so i could swallow the rest. It was ******' incredible!!!

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My God I miss her!! I have never had the experience again but crave it terribly!! I need to feel a women in my *** now!!

This is something I have wanted to do for over a decade but never had the money or opportunity. I have resolved myself to do a passionate, full bj/swallow on the lady I finally meet.
Some day..............

I used to know a gorgus transsexual women she and I and my ex wife used to fool around and she never had a ****** but we allays did. Well this one time we were fooling around my ex wife had to leave so we were just the two of us getting it on so I was sucking her lovely **** and she had told me a wile back that due to the hormones she did not ********* so I did not worry about her ******* in my mouth so we were going strong and all the sudden she came a wonderful warm load of sweet *** right into my mouth! I did not know what to do it happened so fast but it was delightful!<br />
I swallowed it right down and felt so good I had the experience I'm not gay so it was really cool to have a women *** in my mouth like that. The only problem is that she did some escort work on the side so I was worried about aids but it was to late for that. I finished her off by giving it to her in the *** and I came deep inside her it was wonderful! After we got back to our senses I told her she was the only person I had ever sucked off and had had their *** in my mouth and she told me that I was the only person she had ever had *** in her *** with out a rubber on....... We are all still healthy that was 7 years ago so I guess we are OK now...... She has had the sergery so she no longer has the nice yummy **** she used to have..

Loved the story, very erotic, reminds me of my first time with a shemale, it's just a case of relaxing, get yourself a butt plug. My shemale friend is very dominant and likes to **** me hard and finish off in my mouth.<br />
She lays me on my back with a pillow under my *** and really gives it to me, she wanks my **** off at the same time and I've had some of the most intense ******* like this, I meet her once a month, sometimes with my wife present, she want to **** us both but my wife's not into that yet, hopefully she will be soon.

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