Would Love It

i would love to suck a beautiful, well hung, T-girl ****. would love to look right up into her eyes and **** her with my face.. when she is ready to *** i would push my mouth down and take every drop down my mouth hole for her ..mmmmmmmmm..    then i would lay on my back, legs up, and watch as she ***** me hard and deep with that big ****. !!!!!

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

I used to know a gorgus transsexual women she and I and my ex wife used to fool around and she never had a ****** but we allays did. Well this one time we were fooling around my ex wife had to leave so we were just the two of us getting it on so I was sucking her lovely **** and she had told me a wile back that due to the hormones she did not ********* so I did not worry about her ******* in my mouth so we were going strong and all the sudden she came a wonderful warm load of sweet *** right into my mouth! I did not know what to do it happened so fast but it was delightful!<br />
I swallowed it right down and felt so good I had the experience I'm not gay so it was really cool to have a women *** in my mouth like that. The only problem is that she did some escort work on the side so I was worried about aids but it was to late for that. I finished her off by giving it to her in the *** and I came deep inside her it was wonderful! After we got back to our senses I told her she was the only person I had ever sucked off and had had their *** in my mouth and she told me that I was the only person she had ever had *** in her *** with out a rubber on....... We are all still healthy that was 7 years ago so I guess we are OK now...... She has had the sergery so she no longer has the nice yummy **** she used to have.. This was the hottest thing that has ever happened to me I want to experience this again some time please!!! I think a trans women has a better smelling and tasting *** hole then a regular women. Does any body else feel this way?