Another Goal For Me

I'm curious and I if I was to suck a **** it would be attached to a  T-girl..    If I was to meet an attractive T-girl in southern Arizona, well.............................the idea of sucking a nice **** turns me on.

I think that first I'd want to examine the ****, wow a **** attached to a female form!  Yes, I'd want to touch it and look at it,  to see it swell as I touched it.

Next I'd want to take it slowly in, past my lips.  At my speed .  If I liked it, I might open wide and go as far as I was comfortable until my lips sealed around the shaft as I came back up, exploring with my tongue the under side of the shaft.

I think I might like caressing the head with my lips, creating some suction and working the under side v groove with my tongue.   I wonder how the the ridge around the head would feel as my lips slide past it, maybe lightly bush it with my teeth?  Would that be pleasurable for us both?

I might feel compelled to grasp the shaft  and stroke it as I bobbed up and down.  I wonder, would I be able to swallow the load or would it run out the sides of my mouth?

Finally when I fulfilled my fantasy would I smile and lick my lips in satisfaction?

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stevejohns stevejohns
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 25, 2010

wow fantastic!!!