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Feeling Thirsty!

I love to swallow ***. Iv always swallowed, never spat. I love to feel the force of it hitting the back of my throat or splashing on my face or ****, where il wipe it off and lick every last drop!! Mmmm...
hereforagoodtime hereforagoodtime 22-25, F 38 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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I'd love to give. Add me

Sounds so naughty !!!

I would luv to help satisfy your needs............

Good girl ;) Take a long drink.

You sound perfect

That is such a turn in I'm getting hard now, might have to go release the pressure.

I have a hard **** from your story and balls full of *** waiting to unload every drop in your waiting mouth!! I would love to show you!

I love **** so much I love gagging on it tears come to eyes and I still want to suck every mill or it

Would love to *** all over your face and **** and let you suck me till the last drop.

Add me! Love to see you coverrd in my load.

mmmmm love to hear you appreciate a nice load.

good girl!

You can have mine anytime!

Sounds like you might enjoy my story, "Wrong Shower". Check it out. If you like it or any other stories, Add me! Thanks


That is so sexy would love to see u lick my *** off ur **** and swallow it

I'd loe to help you. How old were you when you started sucking ****?

Would love to send my *** down your throat.

fun and the right thing to do.... please add me today

"...when my 'balls r bursting' my ***** shoots out of my **** like an 'express train' - a few times, as I ***** in2 their mouths, the ***** goes up & comes out of their noses - have u experienced that urself...???"

The *** is the reward and prize for a job well done. I also love the feeling of it as it squirts in my mouth and the flavor explodes and touches all the taste buds. I love the feeling of swallowing it.

mmmmmmmm,,,love swallowing *** also


Nice ! not many are swallowers. What is it that you like from it ? flavor? consistensy ? or the fact that it is *** ?

I have huge *** shots. I would love to cover you with it.

sounds good to me, id love that!

thanks you for the great "heads up" about your love for swallowing....

it is actually not the swallowing that is so good but that you enjoy what you do with it. It would be equally as hot to see it drip from your smiling lips to your breast while you rub it around your nipples

You are a dream, it is so much better when a woman enjoys what she is doing to you instead of just doing it for your pleasure only

I totally agree! and those women dont deserve that ***! ;)

Nice, I love it when someone does that for me. Luckily my wife does. Life is good.

waist not. I wish my wife would do me the pleasure of doing this.

i would love to fill you to the rim!!!!