I Wanna Be A Girl

Ever since I was little, I knew I was a girl and not a boy. I hate sports and just about every other boy thing that is out there and I have never felt comfortable with my body or being a guy in any way. Why can't boys cry? Why can't boys wear pretty clothes? Why do boys always have to be so damn macho? I am so unhappy as a boy. I want boobs and a ***** and to have babies. Even if I take hormones and transition and have SRS I will never be a genuine grl in my body. My fantasy has always been that I find a girl who wants to swap bodies with me-- they could become a real boy and I could become a real girl. We would both get what we want and finally be happy. Does anyone out there know what I mean? Are there any girls who wish they could have been boys who would swap?

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I no what u mean i hate the way i look being a girl is all i can think about some times it hurts

Hey Allison Ik what your going through trust me it sucks and I wish for the same thing, if I hear anything about how to do it I'll let you know! I'm here to support you and be her for you and good luck!

hi iam a girl and iwant to swap with you

Me too

I Want To be A Girl


Is the anyone that is a girl. That wants to swap bodies if so reply to dis comment

Im 18 and I wss exposed to be a female at birth until god put a **** on me and I lived a life as a boy so I was hoping some female would swap bodys with me so I can see what's it like to live as a female.

sins I was 11 I always wanted to be 100% female so I can express how I feel and wear what a female wears I use to do that when I was 12 when my parents keep living from home to work I love wearing makeup but I do not wanna be laughed at so I do it when no one is looking does any one wanna swap gender

im 15 years old my name is caleb i have wanted to be a for a long time i want to be a girl because i have lived a good life so far whats a different perspective gonna change im looking for the same age 15 please tell me if you would like a perma swap

Well that sounds like a true predicament. I've always wanted to be a girl...but mainly just to see what it would be like and what a sexy woman I would make.

ill do it

Is their any girl out there willing to switch bodies with me


Alright, we're all adults here. You don't have to go all beserk. We can have a cup of coffee or something and talk about this while waiting for the next Shark Week . So just calm down...you calm now. If not, please read this before you punch your monitor.

Hi,If I had my way I would jump into a female body to-morrow.I have read the yoga aphorisms of Patanjali which can easily be obtained from most libraries, or book shops of the Theosophical society.He,Patanjali,explained in one part of the book,the part that is under term Siddhis,a Sanscrit term for what we would call miracles.He even explains in a cryptic way how to do this.However,and I have no doubt to not believe him,but it is easier said than done-like most things you really want.!

there are two ways this can be done.<br />
One: Locate you oposite number, someone with a female body who want to male.<br />
Locate a hypnotist. by the count of ten you'l wake up in a female body and the other person will wake up in yours.<br />
<br />
Two: (My plan) learn astrol projection and find a female suicide. Take her body since she no longer has any use for it.

is that how u got yours because in your pic your a woman

I'm in the same boat, I know wher your comming from.<br />
Option A: you need to find an f2m who hasen't started his tranition yet, the two of you find a good hypnotist. Count to ten and you and your oposite number wake up in eachothers bodies.!<br />
<br />
Option B (My plan): learn astrol projection, travle out of your body and find a female suicide and take her body (she gave it up).

you can havey body I a guy I want to see ew hat it like to be a femail I even want the pms I a guy u ,an have my weaner I take you vergina

For everyone here, just keep healthy and by mid-century we should a virtual universe like the matrix were digital worlds will persist, we can create our own ones (like creating our own websites) swap bodies with digital people (who look as real as can be) or even create the illusion of real body-swap with MRI scans to be sent from body to body and camera on one's contact lenses, exc.

:'( I, too, wish to swap bodies with a girl. I know this will sound a little odd, but I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I know it doesn't exist, but I often dream of Polyjuice Potion...

heartfelt and sincere personal stories..thks for sharing so folks can understand ur unique life's sc<x>ript.....

I can totally relate to how you feel Allison. I remember being in kindergarten and being, for the first time, being in a room with a lot of girls and boys. The boys hung out together and the girls hung out together, but were separate. I always hung out with the girls because I felt more comfortable with them, doing what they liked to do and talk about. From that point onward I played with the girls and played "girl stuff" instead of "boy stuff" and never thought it was strange or anything, just normal for me. I would play dolls with them ,and dress up in dresses and all. It continued all through my "formative" years. I would pray every night that I would wake up being a physically since I was already one mentally and emotionally.<br />
<br />
If you figure out how to make it happen, remember to share.

OMG, sydney. I know what you're going through. The same thing happened to me in a way. <br />
I was born male but am female now. I've also talked to people who understand such occurances that said it was metempsychosis.Last summer lightning hit in a pool my niece's friend and I were in at a family cookout. When I came to I was dizzy and numb. It took a minute to realize I was in my niece's friend's body. I was 23 and she was 9. Her name was Caitlyn and I had never met her before that day. As a matter of fact I had only seen her for the first time about an hour before it happened. I can understand what it was like for you too when you realized you were in your cousin's body. Didn't it feel really weird at first being a girl. Being a lot younger now than you I have a way to go to catch up I guess and can't relate completely to what being a 17 year old girl is like yet. It's really bizarre being a girl now though. I don't bother trying to convince people around me of it what happened. They'd think I'm insane I'm sure. Luckily Caitlyn was pretty much a tomboy which makes it a little easier I think. she was into sports a lot which I play now. Would love to talk to you about your experience and compare what happened and what was the same and what was different. W/B!

hey u dont hav to convince me i hope and wish it really happened it gives me hope plz give me a few details on wat happened plz im begging u p.dil85@live.com thanks sweety

Hello. I was wonder if you would send me a message, so we can talk about your experience.

I'm very curious about your experience. Is there any way we can talk about details? It'd be interesting to attempt a recreation.

Im begging you as well, pleasehelp me and share more of your experience.

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me 2

My wife has had SRS. She'll still be who she is and was: a fantastic (and beautifully feminine) person. What changed was her self confidence which improved a lot after the "cut" :) .. and no PMS :D

hi allison,<br />
<br />
i deeply feel for u, still having ob<x>jections.<br />
<br />
what is your yearning about? is it sex or gender?<br />
<br />
don't u like your body as such or do you reflect your feelings of social displacement in your sex and thus your body?<br />
<br />
what if society wouldn't assign those attributes u mentioned as being male or female ones, respectively? isn't it more a matter of educational and community background how we c the sexes then of their nature?<br />
<br />
can boys really not cry? - i cried dozen of times as a child and still many times as an adult.<br />
can't boys wear pretty clothes? - everyone can (and should) wear just what s|he wants to wear. besides taste is individual!<br />
is every man a macho? - i don't think i am. does that make me a woman?<br />
<br />
and btw isn't this attitude "a bit" sexist? :<br />
<br />
u say u r "unhappy as a boy". is it bcause of your sex or the circumstance that you just don't fit into what seems the "common" picture of that sex?<br />
<br />
u say u "think like a girl and" are "a girl in every way but ...". mayb it's not what you want to read and i don't mean 2 hurt u though, but u think like a man. as you are a man.<br />
<br />
is it really easier 4 u 2 believe 2 b born in a wrong body than 2 change your point of view of what it means 2 b a boy or a girl? r there any other reasons 4 your desires?<br />
<br />
sorry, it was getting long. regards.<br />
<br />
and btw i also like cooking ;)

Sex and gender are two completely different things, if they say they think like a girl, that means their gender is Female, but their sex is male, given their current state. If this person is anything like me, they probably feel OK in a male body, but they'd feel much happier in a female one. This could be due to the way the have grown, or it could be a subconscious thing.
It's difficult when you believe you are the wrong gender to blur the gender lines unless you were, again, brought up this way.
This sort of view is absolutely not sexist, it's mainly due to the person wanting to almost find out the best ways to behave like the gender they wish to be.

In summary, being male, doesn't mean you think like one. This normally isn't a matter of appearance, it's almost an "itch" which means that you won't be truly happy until it is scratched.


Dear sweet Allison,<br />
I truly understand your feelings as I too wish so deeply that I was born a genetic woman. All the surgery and injections and modern medical techniques today cannot give us that what we truly know should be. We are women within our souls and while you can achieve some comfort in giving your body the hormones that your ovaries would have produced naturally it is still not enough. I applaud your courage and your honesty and wish you well in your journey.<br />
<br />

Hi Allison You sound like you are unhappy sense you been born, I been wishing every day that i find someone like that i what had gone threw it happen to me. I think there are TS's-F-M like me I would give you anything in the world to be able to know the Ouija board words how to swap bodies. It is just a transexual is someone who was born into a girls body and i feel it every day matter whether I was born with a vagina that I think like a guy and I'm a girl in every way but having the wrong body. I tried for years to keep the effects of girl hormones and that I should have hips and penis not vagina. I 'm sorry that I'm unhappy of my life you can possibly imagine. I just been wanting to switch bodies sense i was born i ment be a guy not a girl. if want swap with me i be there for you all the way, I like make you happy Allison.<br />
<br />
xoxoxoxoxo Pat

u story touches me sweetheart cause im the most manly guy u will meet but i can see things like i watch winks club about fairys and love it and love cute things and my heart melts easy but i am a great boxer im 6 foot 4 and well built plz txt me back im begging u and we get started on changing ill try anything plz thank u pat no one can understand wat we go tru seriously my head is reck waking up everyday and hoping my penis will be gone and its there everyday everyone deserves to be happy and born in the right body i love u for tat reason there aint many of us hun well hope u add me on facebook r email me ill make another wish tonite tat we will swap and hopefully it will come true babe :)

i'd be interested. Message me please

Hi Allison do you want switch bodies with me i like to know the oja board words to learn how to switch with you . If want to believe in me just leave me a message and where i can contact you about switching bodies i dream that someone make are dreams come threw. I just like to give it a try with you not to worry i be there all the way for you just let me know when you used the ojay board and could switch bodies keep you happy thank you

p.dil87@hotmail.com for facebook and p.dil85@live.com to email i think i mite no a way to change bodys im six foot 4 and built andtold to be goodlooking look at my facebook i really want to change bodys id do anything so plz txt back thanks allison

Hi Sydney honey, Big hugs. <br />
<br />
You sound like you are content now, but I wish every day that something like that could happen to me. lol I think there are TS's like me who would give you all their money in the world to be able to use that board of yours if it could swap bodies.<br />
<br />
No, it is not casual and I am not just a crossdresser. A transexual is someone who was born into the wrong body and feels it every day of their lives. I am a girl no matter whether I was born with a penis or not. I think like a girl and am a girl in every way but having the wrong body below my waist. I have taken female hormones for years to keep off the effects of male hormones and to get all the secondary sex characteristics that I should have like my hips and boobs and smooth skin.<br />
<br />
I am sorry but I am more jealous of you than you can possibly imagine.<br />
<br />
People on here keep insisting on what a pretty girl I am but frankly I would prefer to be a homely real genetic girl than a pretty fake one.<br />
<br />
xoxoxoxoxo allie

There are many things possible beyond our level of understanding. Not that we were trying to but several months ago my cousin and I had our bodies switched while using a Ouija board. It's a very surreal experience being her now, but I'm starting to get used to being a girl now.

p.dil87@hotmail.com for facebook and p.dil85@live.com to email i think i no a way to change bodys im 6 foot 4 and in the gym im goodlooking im not bigheaded but ive been told i hate this body but i think i no a way i want to be a women so bad and u want to be a man at least give me a chance sori for coming across this way but seen ur txt and cant believe theres someone else out there in the same position please txt me k

Where do you buy one and how did you swap using one cuz I wanna swap with someone

i feel for you Allison for i went through similar heart wrenching times as a youngster as you must have done. i knew also that i should have been a girl from an early age and it came as no surprise to me in hindsight that up until that point i had preferred the company of girls to that of boys. However, in my youth, growing up in rural England, cross-dressing and any whisper of gender reassignment was taboo and i found myself having to hide my femininity and, unlike you, decided that if the world wanted me to be macho i would compete with the boys at their own games which i did successfully while underneath and in private i continued to be the girl i knew i was. Society has changed since my day and SRS is now a real option and is one i would take were i younger. i agree with you though, it cannot give you the body you crave and deserve - at least not yet. i do think that one day soon, stem cell research will find a way of growing the organs we need to fully transition - would that i were around when it happens!