Yes I Would Love To Do This Too!:

But i too do so wish to swap bodeis with a girl just becsue i ahve so just always wnted to be a girl and i still do wish to be female  i wishi could swap with a little girl so that i could get to know the whole sensation of grwoing up female  i realy do so dislike being in a mlae body and have so just wanted to be a girl all of this lifetime!




i think you are so right we need a real way to be able to swap bodies witht the desired sex and gender that we realy do wish to be any girls out their who want to swap with a guy who only wantes to be free and female instead i do warn you thought once you are in amle body you just may find it is not all you think it is  i know becasue i ahve been in this one for five decades  now and i realy would just so love to become a little girl instead so we need to work on this  arela way time for peoples who want to switch sexes can do so  i want to be a girl please!:

eleventhdr eleventhdr
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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

hey im a girl who would love to be a guy for a while. its not all about high heals and lipstick what about not being treated seriously at work or not being able to pee where you want make up trust me you guys have it made i would trade bodies any day

I think it would be neat to see what the other gender's like, at least for a little while. Too bad it's not a possibility, huh?