Have Doubts...

Ok, only serious comments please, cuz I want to get something good out of this.

Here I go, I`m not gay, I don't find men attractive and I don't fantazise with having a **** in any part of my body. But when among women I use to tell them that if I was a woman I surely would be the ***** of town. I have always thought this way because I love sex and enjoy it so much that sometimes I hate women for not being more slutful you know, I guess I haven't get laid enough in  my life.

The thing is that every chance I have to let a woman know that sex is something that should be done often, I illustrate my point by telling them that if I was a woman I would ride and sucks ***** like my life goes on it... and even tell my wife that if I was her I'd be more naughty and dirty and slutty and more and more....

I love EP cuz here I've found women who actually have wild sex, enjoy it, have fantasies and say it out loud.

So maybe now I don't need to swap bodies right? Though there are some hot lesbians out there that I would love to swap bodies just to make them happy.

wolverine2877 wolverine2877
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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Damn! That would be confusing isn't it? I guess I'll have to accept my destiny...for now... ; -)

lol wolverine, you would not want to become me. I am a pre-op transexual. You would be kind of in the same position you are now-- that is, still not a girl . . . LOL

No Allison, you got me wrong, I`m not trying to prove that would be a BETTER girl, just a SLUTER one....lol...and if you could become me and I could become you, that would be even funnier!!! I mean, it would awesome to pleasure ourselves in such a way, don't you think?

Hon, lol, if you want to swap bodies as a ob<x>ject lesson to the girls in your life, then that is just as good a reason as any other. Although I suspect that some of the girls would probably love to swap bodies with you just to demonstrate that they can be a better man than you are. After all you are saying that you think that you can be a better girl than your wife or any other girl you know . . . xoxoxoxoxo allie