Energy Exercises For The Hands

So you want to exel in your energy work? What can you do to strengthen your flow?

Exercise 1 (simple)
A good exercise than I use alot is with the hands. Place hands infront of you, palms facing each other and fingers pointing up. Make sure there that when you look between your hands there is a colorful background, or just anything other than solid white. Focus on the space between your hands instead of what you can see through them. Now direct all of your energy into your hands. You will begin to feel your palms tingle. Practice this until you can see the energy moving between your hands (hence focusing on the space between). Do this exercise as often as possible. I would suggest practicing it for about 2 months before moving on. When you've reached a point that you can send serges of energy at will, and stop the energy at will, then start the next exercise. I would also like to mention that when you are done, pull the energy back into yourself. There's no need to waste good energy.

Exercise 2 (more difficult)
Place hands in the same position, and focus on the space between. Now try to control the energy flow by moving it in patterns. Try a circle, a spiral, etc. Curvy designs are the easiest, and Corner designs are very hard. Practice this until you can successfully control the flow of energy in several different patterns. I still suggest 2 months of practice before moving on. Then move on to the next exercise.

Exercise 3 (very difficult)
Instead of placing palms facing each other, place them infront of you facing forward with palms out and fingers pointing up. This is where it gets hard. Send all of your energy to your palms. Focus on the space around until you can see a "ball" of energy around both hands. Practice this as much, if not more than the last to exercises. When you can direct energy into a ball at will, then move on.

Exercise 4 (extremely difficult)
With hands in the same position, direct energy into a ball around both hands. Now force that energy to swell larger and larger until you create one large ball of energy around both hands. This is hard to do, and the energy is so massive, you probably won't know what to do with it. Make sure to pull the energy back into yourself afterward, or you will feel very, very drained. Keep practicing this until you can make the ball swell, and diminish at will. Think of blowing up a balloon, then slowley sucking the air back in.

Exercise 5 (the hardest energy exercise I've ever attempted!)
With hands infront, same as before; Try forming the energy into a straight line outward infront of you. You can practice this on a wall, or a large picture, or whatever. Think of a large beam of light coming from your hands, and stretching out to touch whatever is infront of you. Practice this from a few feet away, then gradually step back after each practice to see how far you can send your beam. Whew! It'll test ya! As mentioned before, always pull the energy back into yourself!

So What's all this good for?
Energy exercises are good for alot of things. The help you learn to focus, and direct your energy at will, no matter what the reason. These exercises are also good for Healing techniques. It helps you strengthen the effectivenes of your energy healing. And, after mastering these methods, you may never need another wand!

Have Fun! Mmmuuuahahahaha
FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
36-40, F
Sep 24, 2012