Psychic Ability Oil

I finally got a chance to post this. Sorry it took so long! I know that alot of people make their oils different than I do. I tend to use a mothod that takes longer and to me, it collects more energy for it's purpose the longer it takes to make.  That's just my opinion. If you prefer to use a different method, then by all means do what feels right to you. Also note that I am not including measurments of each ingrediant. It depends on how much oil you want to make, and what amount of each YOU feel is nessicary.

You will need the following things:
-A glass jar ( gather your ingredients before choosing the jar so that you have one big enough)
-A Feather - preferably white or yellow for inspiration but any color will do
-Herbs: Mugwort, Star Anise, Skullcap, Lavender, Linden, Wormwood, Eyebright, Rosemary, Dragon's Blood, Rose Pedals, Vervain, Coltsfoot, and Damiana for Clairvoyance, Mental Power, and Phycic Power. (The form of each isn't as importan as their energy. I used some ground, some whole, and some cut depending on what form I could get them in. It's best to use fresh herbs with this type of oil, but dried is just as good when it's properly charged.)
-Stones - Red Jasper, Picture Jasper, Tigereye. (I used chips that you can get from the gemstone neclaces and bracelets. They are easier to use in jars in bottles. Again, as long as they are properly charged, it shouldn't make a difference.) Also 3 larger stones (not chips) Quartz Crystal for clarity, Moonstone for psychic power, and Aventurine for visions.
-Oil - Use whatever oil you normally do for magickal oils. If I plan to put the oil on my skin, I tend to go with lighter oils like extra virgin olive oil, and sunflower oil is light and effective as well.

Other items for ritual include:
-White or purple candle ( I used one of those white dripping candles that drip multiple colors to symbolize visions pouring out from within. If you can find one, it worked quite well.)
-Annointing Oil (patchouli, or your preference)
-Incense (sandalwood, wormwood, or your preference)
-Offerings (your preference)

This oil will take 7 days and nights to make. (If it's too cold for the sun to work in 7, make it 16 or 24) Try to time it so that the 7th night is a Full Moon. Place the feather, herbs, and stones (accept the 3 larger stones) inside the jar. Fill the jar the rest of the way with your oil and place in a window that gets as much sun light as possible. Shake the jar once everyday for a few minutes concentrating on it's purpose. Take the 3 stones and charge each of them for their individual purpose and meditate with them every night. On the 7th night, strain the oil then place the 3 stones in the bottom. Pour the oil back into the jar over the stones. Place the oil in the center of the altar and perform this ritual:

Do your usual "Cleanse, Cast, and Call", light the incense and call the Divine:
"Mother of Magick, Queen of all Witches I call thee. Hecate, Nephthys, Cassandra, Fortuna, Python Freya, Cybele, Gaia, Camenae. Be here with me now and grant me thy visions. Bestow thy wisdom and power. So mote it be." Focus on her presence. Listen and feel anything she may carry in with her.
"Father of the Land, King to your priestess I call thee. Ifa, Helenus, Ahura Mazda, Galaucus, Proteus, Shamash, Math, Merlin, Toth, Tyreseas. Be here with me now and grant me thy visions. Bestow your wisdom and power. So mote it be." Focus, listen, feel.
(If you have seperate candles for the god and goddess on your altar light as you normally would after calling them. I have a center "Divine Energy" candle I light at this point)
"God and Goddess hear my plea. Let psychic visions come unto me. As I will so shall it be."

Charge and annoint your white (or purple) candle with this chant:
"Candle's flame ingnites the power
of this oil from witches' hand
God and Goddess lend me
Visions I seek, on my command."

Take plenty of time to charge the candle, then light it and meditate with it's flame. As it begins to melt, see it's energy flowing into the oil. Most of my spell candles don't drip at all, hence using the dripping candle for this one. This could take some time and is easier if the oil is sitting closer to the candle and between the candle and you. When you feel that the process is successful, Make your offereing to the Divine for their help. Let the candle burn completely out close to the oil, and you may even want to add a small piece of wax into the oil. Close circle and dismiss all then take offering outside, or whatever you do for offering. Keep the oil safe and use it whenever needed, however you choose. lol You can remove the 3 stones and carry them with you when oil isn't just the thing. They can aslo be used to recharge the oil if you need to later. I used them in the amplifier spoken of in a previous blog. And there you have it!
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Sep 24, 2012