Simbi The Great

Simbi spirits are wonderful! I'm gonna skip past the history and go straight to the goods on this one. Simbi is a water spirit and generally in the form of a small to medium sized snake. He governs all things that flow from electricity, to rivers, tears, thoughts, and all other flowing energy. He is a master magician and can bestow secret knowledge of the craft. He can aldo bestow upon his devotees protection, fertility, luck, and many other blessings. Basically, he is a wonderful spirit to have around.

To make an altar for Simbi, use a blue or green cloth. Give him fresh water every day. He loves fire water, meaning clear alchohol. Mango Parot Bay is great, but you can try other clear alchohol like vodca and such to see what your simbi likes. He likes river rocks, quartz crystals, moonstones, and ribbons. You can place ribbons of blue, silver, white, plack, and purple. Also, offer him burning tobacco when honoring him or asking a favor. Burn mugwort or wormwood incense. Again, freshen his water and drink daily. You can poor the old outside as an offering. It is important to keep him happy. He will bless you greatly!

Place divination tools on his altar, and other things you wish him to bless. Cellphones and electronics as well. He is great with computers and modern technology. Place his altar near or on your desk to protect your computer from problems.

I hope you enjoy your relationship with Simbi. He is one of most effective and powerful spirits I have ever worked with.

Blessings to all

FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
36-40, F
Sep 26, 2012