Swingingnow For Most Of My Life

Although I didn't call it swinging in the beginning, I had ****** hundreds of women.  Moslty in three somes, with couples who needed a hard **** man to join them for the wives pleasure.  About 12 years ago, I started what I call now swinging.  I had a couple living with me, and I would take her with me to meet other couples and swap wives for sex.  Even took her on a cruise ship once, thats anothe story though.  Anyway, they introduced me to my current wife who was one of his lovers. When we meet at a swingers party, we were shocked to see each other there. "But soon, I was sucking on her big **** and big nipples. I never seen nipples that big before. so much fun to suck on them, it was unbelieveably fun for me, but it turned her on trememdously.

I even made her *** and squirt just by sucking on her nipples. but since then, we have been a pair for swinging.  I soon moved her in with me too. And we ****** every day.  Now I was also ******* 4 other women, 2 who also lived with me, and a couple who lived with me.  So natrually i was a happy camper.  Well after five years of living together, I married Becky, because she was the hottest ****, I ever had.  We have been swinging, doing 3ways, having group sex, and a few orgies all these years, ******* a couple of hundred couples easily, and still going at it.  WE have learned to enjoy watching the other one **** , the other couples spouse, and it is such a turn on, it has improved our sex life, not thinking that was possible, but it did.

So we definately want to swap with other couples.

polycplseeking polycplseeking
41-45, M
2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Good for you guys, it appears you have found what you are looking for and are really enjoying it. I hope it continues on for you.

Another homerun - your experiences are great.