This is a goal for me. It's a small goal. I am a nudist. My family belongs to a nudist resort at the ocean. My friends can go in and they encourage me to go in as well. But the water doesn't look clean like our home spa. And then there are the fish and what they do in the water. And all the things that have died in there including humans! I am not foolish. I know it's safe to go in but... And then there is the way it is all swirly and grabby at you even in shallow water. I have tried it almost up to my knees. There are too many variables for me to think about now. But this is a big goal. To swim and splash in the ocean nude with my friends. Even carrying a friend on my shoulders like I see the other kids doing. I know she would do it if I got brave enough. This is on my bucket list. To go up to my waist in the ocean holding the hand of a friend before my 25th birthday. I would like to swim in ocean water over my head (even if it is with water wings it a life jacket) before my 40th birthday. So if you see me walking around big deal. But if you see me in the ocean swimming naked with my friends please drop your things and cheer and clap because that will be a VERY big thing for me.
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7 Responses Aug 17, 2014

We live by the coast and have swum in the ocean, which is near enough to be the Atlantic

We are part of a nudist family to.

Hey Colin and Connor, your family is pretty cool :)

I went to my first nudist campground over the summer. Now I want to try a nude beach :)

I'll certainly clap when that happens. You would be enjoying yourself so much.

Funny swimming in the ocean is no big deal to me, but walking around nude would scare me to death!

Just personal feeling. I guess that happens when you get older also, as I can remember being nude in public when I was younger. Why are you afraid of the ocean?

Good reasoning but it does self clean itself biologically.

I hope so, for it is one thing I love to do and I find it bracing and stimulating in a certain nerve inducing manner. Good luck! :)

Best of luck in everything. I'm rooting for you friend. :)

It would be nice If I lived near you. You seem like a great guy and I would love to be your friend.

I wish you the best. I hope you can do it even sooner then you have it planned :)