Fun Fun!!!

When I was a child, after a good rain, Id get in the biggest mudpuddle I could find and just roll around it. Getting dirty and my mom yelling at me for doing it. I loved the feeling of the mud on my skin. Now, that Ive gotten older....Id love to experience that feeling again. The thought of getting in a huge mud hole naked and rolling around in it just sounds too inviting. The warmth of the mud on my skin and having a huge mud battle sounds like alot of fun and full of excitement. Im gonna have to do this very soon!!!
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24 Responses Jan 1, 2008

FUN :)

I love being naked in mud and cly tooo!!Nice to meet you! :D

I know I know Journey hun!!! Just have fun!!! ;)

to each their own, but mine are firmly on!

Love ya RHR!!!! ;) lol

*sticks out tongue* are crazy!!! ;) lol

does it still involve mud?

Follow me need to wear any!!! ;)

tricked again! lol

Guess what???? Im not wearing any!!!!! lmao

ok fine I guess bikini

i'm in if my bikini bottoms are allowed! ;)

Oh yes Goldie.....would you like to join you and journey??? Huh huh??!!! lol

I'm thinking you could make some money off of this, sell some

Lmao....too funny!!! Luv ya RHR!!!

yeah, my first thought was "it seems to me you're gonna wanna wear some bikini bottoms...."

SNOT! lol

I showered ages ago....I thought I smelled something!!! lmao

Now please excuse me i have to shower!

Yes I did.....its all my wittle fault!!! lmao

Hey you wrote it and left us alone with it! lol

Lmao you two are too funny!!!!!!

Uh oh!