Caught In The Mud

one warm summer day in the uk i came upon a small nature reserve near redditc of the a435 i stopped for lunch walked round a bit and came across a small pond which was almost dry.after lunch the warm weather made me ***** off and i wanted to step into the mud of the was great felt so turned on i came out and played with my **** then covered in mud started to **********.it was heaven after a few minuites a woman walking her dog appeared she would be in her fifties.she froze looking at me stark naked i didnt move either we just looked at each other for a bit after a while with her still looking at me i slowly backed away into the mud in order to cover myself.she was still looking no words had passed so i asumed she wasnt shocked and my hand felt my **** and i started to **********.i was realy turned on.
she tied her dog to an old tree stump and kept watching me slowly she took her top and bra off and just stood there still no words had passed after a while she took her jeans and nickers off she looked better nude than dressed.she walked to the edge of the mud and slowly came towards me stopping a foot away my first words were your turning me on.good she said i am playing with myself to.both of us had sunk to shoulder deep.she waded up to me her **** firm against my chest make me come she said her hand feeling for mine wow this was great i started feeling her and she played with my ****.soon we were kissing and realy bringing each other off both of us strangers and not caring who would pass by soon we both had exsploding orgasums man it was fantastic we stayed almost submerged for a while i waited whilest she *********** again.and then we pushed our way out and lay in the sun naked drying our bodies we talked a bit about ourselves then sh easked me to ********** again whilst she watched.i did so and after a while we both dried off got dressed and went our seperate ways.ive been back many times since but ive never seen her or any one else sinse for that matter.just writting this has made me feel horny so ta ta im off to **********
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

WOW!! Thanks so very much for sharing this experience. I, too, am off to ********** after reading this!!! Too bad you never connected again.
Naked & muddy Sissy Stephie

Bloody heck!
Wow! Just Wow!
I'd be reliving that marvelous story for the rest of my days!
You are so lucky.

Kind regards