The Beach In Belize

My husband loves for  me to fulfill a variety of his fantasies and one of those related to mud bathing and for me to be covered from head to toe in mud.  In the remote beach that we were at we ended up stumbling into an area, which at low tide was a mud flat.  The mud flat was deep and we could sink in up to my knees.  It didn't take long for us to get the idea and my small bikini was off and I sat nude in the mud.  I loved the feeling of the cool wet mud between my legs and I was able to adjust myself so that I began to sink into the mud.   When I knelt down the mud was up to my breasts and he and I began taking handfuls of the mud and coating it all over my face, hair and upper body.

The real expereince began when I started to stand and I could feel a gental pull on my labia and my anus.  I gently adjusted myself by moving my body to enhance the feeling.   It felt like someone was sucking on my labia and as I flexed my anus i could feel the suction and the pressure.  It didn't take me long before I was able to bring myself to a wonderful orgasum.  AFter I was done I spent the rest of the day on the beach covered in the mud. 

The next day I didn't even hesitate but I went straight for the mud flats and my special orgasum.  I went in two more times that day and by the end of the day my husband asked me not to wash it off.  How could I not agree it was a sexy rest of the week on tha secluded beach

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where in Belize??? What beach?