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This one is really fun.
I really enjoy watching this show because the people are going places in New York and you can not only learn things but test your knowledge.

Its like a bonus when you know the answers also.

"What do you you want to play?
beachykeen beachykeen
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5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

fun show :) Is it off the air now ?

You are funny...I think so,but need a ride in the cash cab to be sure!

I make it a point to catch this show. I especially like it when the questions get harder. I'd like to see more people go double-or-nothing with the video at the end - those are the real gamblers, and I'v e noticed most win. But my big question is are those colored shapes really going on and of above their heads or is that just special effects?

Its fun to watch no matter if you know or not.

Yes, sometimes the questions go too fast for me... I like jeopardy, but I think about the questions for too long.