The Ultimate Road Trip....

I have always had a fear of driving to new places especially if it's out of state.  I know it sounds utterly ridiculous.  I have a hard time seeing at night so that's another stress factor.  I grew up in Los Angeles so I'm familiar with most of the freeways so if I get lost anywhere, I feel pretty confident that I will find my way eventually.  I've lived on the East Coast most of my life now and still feel pretty intimidated.  I'm a great driver and have a great sense of direction.  Most of my friends feel more confident when I'm in the car with them so it's ironic that I'm afraid to be alone in the car traveling far.  I refuse to buy a GPS system because all of my friends that have them barely use it so why spend the money?  Knock on wood....mapquest has been pretty good to me.

My dream road trip would be to start from my house and travel across the country till I get to my sister's house in CA. I wouldn't mind doing all the driving. I love to drive.  I just wouldn't want to drive back home.  That would be too much.  One day I will map out an intinerary, figure out the costs and do it.  I think my daughter and I would get a kick out of seeing other states that way!  Maybe we can stop and meet some of my EP friends along the way!

I know one of the stops she would be insistant on.   Mall of America!!!!!!  LOL!
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Jul 22, 2010