Let's Go!

i need a vacation.

and i love to travel.

havent seen as much as the US as i would like.

so as soon as time permits, i think it's necessary.

who's coming with me!?

think about it. open road. music. good company...

gypsysoul gypsysoul
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 30, 2009

Mr Versatile: Man Of 1000 Voices is on BBC The Voice 2013<br />
<br />
I plan 2 hit albums & 2 world tours, 2014-15<br />
<br />
& yes, I have hand drawn maps of USA, Canada, EU etc on my wall with main cities marked<br />
<br />
By then, you'll feel like an encore?

I want to, but it would be hard to explain to my parents that I'm traveling cross country with a stranger I met online!!!