Once I Did The Route 66 Tour - 3 Weeks to the California Border and Back...

it was fun - now planning it again, but this time with the intent to find my "place"...

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3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I've been saving money to move into a new house with my friend and every time I put money aside I think of how much longer that would sustain me on the road. With my resourceful punk lifestyle what I have now could last SO long! It really is driving me crazy. Either settle and be secure or extreme vagrant life. I can't choose...

Hitching around was my favourite past time when I was in my mid to late teen years. After not much travelling lately, my mid 20's are making my feet itchy and my thumb is throbbing!!<br />
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Sleeping under bridges with sweet kids, drinking in parks, dancing in the streets to pass the time... I miss it.

ok so where do you think ou want to go??My fav is New Mexico,,,or Arazona,,,with the hopi,,,so if you get around my way ,,,maybe you can stop by for dinner,,good luck where ever you may go,,Love and Light mary