"Get Your Kicks, On Route 66"

From an early age, I have had the idea that I would like to drive or ride across America.  Films like; Electraglide in Blue, Easy Rider and the documentaries such as about Route 66, the old roads and the new ones, have whetted my appetite.

In my twenties I had a very good job, which I loved, university and a wife (although it turns out she didn't love me) and all the baggage and bonds that make the dream just out of reach, but a lovely fantasy, for when things looked bleak.

In my thirties I had a mortgage, kids, houses to repair, hobbies to do, studying to do, and all the trappings (the second wife a lovely reason not to travel) that again hold you back and keep the idea on a very low flame on a very back burner.

In my forties, I was a widower with two kids, all the world was on my shoulders and the thought frankly never entered my muddled head, nor would have been feasible.

Now that I am in my fifties, my children now grown, mortgage paid off, no strings to hold me down, am semi retired, and have a few pennies in the bank, the thoughts pop up frequently.

Ironically, have been a keen biker and own several cars, a motorhome and a few toys, but am fast approaching the time when I wont want, or be able to spend all day in the saddle or behind the wheel and pitch a tent where I want, along the way.

So had better get a wriggle on, before the bladder, bowels, eyesight, hearing and bones, wont take the nomad way of life, so may have to slum it in 5 star hotels instead! and only travel short distances by daylight.

Will wind up this post, now, before I wind up depressing myself!!!

Bottom line, I still want to go, so its either soon or too late. 

Cherpee Cherpee
51-55, M
8 Responses Jun 10, 2009

Loved the film Easy Rider, and need to do the trip before I become the Queasy Rider!<br />
<br />
Only a little bit concerned, if I dress like Fonda or Hopper, that I dont meet the rednecks in the pick-up!!!<br />
<br />
Thanks MF would appreciate a base to aim for, or to.

Easy Rider was part of the inspiration for me and my roomie some years back to quit our jobs, hop and our bikes and take the most rainy, miserable road trip ever. We were so ill-prepared. I remember Karl setting his gloves on fire trying to dry them in a convenience store microwave. Fun memories now, though. You should do it. You can use our place as a launch pad on your American travels. My guy and I will always help out a fellow biker.

Thank You one and all, your comments are noted, I am much encouraged, and will ponder the practicalities, of a trip sooner rather than too later.<br />
There are only a few things that I have to sort out, and then I would be free to go.<br />
Will list them and work out their execution , lest I let the dream fade and die.

I've crossed the USA 4 or 5 times by myself - it's fun to be an X in the middle of the world and there is so much to see. Want to do it again soon. Love Rte 66 - and love shunpiking - love to eat breakfast at the local cafe where the natives of the town hang out. In Grants NM there is a great Mexican food restaurant - want to eat there again. The road beckons!

Have done a few two weeks at a time , last year Texas<br />
year before Ny and Dc , done florida coming to atanta and georgia ... love the long roads the people and the country ...

Cherpee, I know I've mentioned the book "Blue Highways" before and you commented on it. <br />
If you haven't read it, you might want to check it out.<br />
The author travel the back roads...meeting some of the most interesting people. It is a dream of mine to do this.

I dont think that I saw that one in England, but I recall a programme where they revisited all the now abandoned places where the old Route 66 used to pass through, whereas the new road bypasses them.<br />
In truth, the old places interest me far more, regardless of the speed or road conditions. <br />
I am the same wherever I travel, want to meet the real people rather than the new faces , bussed in or just working, would rather talk to the owners of "Mom and Pop" stores and family owned diners, than those in corporate uniforms,<br />
I want a feel for the truth not what the local tourist board wants me to see.

I love that you mention Route 66. There was once a television show on American TV where 2 guys traveled on Route 66, stopping along the way to make some money. I loved that show.<br />
And I love the idea of road trips. Chirpee It sounds like you have plenty of good years ahead but I'm with you...why not go for it. I hope you do.