I Might Be Good At It!

I recently went to our local comedy club for a night out. The comedian we went to see was very funny but the person who opened for him totally sucked! They ask for people who want to try being the MC/opener for the club to sign up and I seriously considered doing it. I have always had a knack at making people laugh and am very good at telling stories. My life has been so full of funny and comical things that I could use as material. I think with a little rehearsal, I'd be pretty good. My co-workers at the casino always told me I should try it. Now I think I'm actually considering it!

Maybe I will ask my friend Drcynic. He seems to think that there are no good female comedians around. Wonder if I could change his mind?

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

You should go for it!

No, I never said that... I just said they weren't better than me... :P<br />
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The same goes for male comics too :P

Go for it!