Not Such A Good Thing Anymore.

after being here almost two years, i don't feel like being on ep is as good as it once was for me. i know how i feel right now isn't necessarily how i'll feel tomorrow, but when something starts to bring you down more than lift you up, i think a change is in order. i still enjoy my time here and the true friends i've made but the luster of the experience is starting to wear off. i guess nothing lasts forever.

jerrica jerrica
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

i would agree that the users have strayed from the original purpose of ep as well. guess there's enough fault to go around.

somehow i think ep had gotten away from it's original purpose.

after looking at your story about poop eaters and animal screwers, i don't think a vacation from here is a bad idea at all. if that's any indication, i can see why the shine is wearing off the penny.