I am not a real fan of the cold, but the snow makes up for it to me. Id love to be out walking on a snowing night.
Arorin Arorin
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12 Responses Jul 18, 2010

It's very romantic especially if you making love to that speacial someone : )

I guess so!

That cant be! I saw him hanging out with a bunch of pirates last time i went to the movies!

What about that Narnia one?

what?! naw couldnt be!

Bare foot actually.

now why would I go chasing after a cold hmm?

Chasing after something or just like the snow?

I dont have many warm clothing so I usually have to just tough it out.

yeah it surly is good.

I am sure it can be nice with someone else around too.

It can be strangly beautiful <br />
Like on another planet when no one else is around