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I love to shop for lingerie with my wife. Especially when we're checking out and the clerk informs my wife that she has 2 different sizes. My wife replies "Half are for my husband".

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Cheryl Anne Swanson
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

I Love your stories, your a lucky man there are very few wives in the world that would not only except your cross dressing but help you live the life you were born to live, I'm and old biker guy gray hair white beard Tattoo's on both arms and one on my back so the hole CD thing wouldn't work that great LOL but I love the feel of panties and my wife loves to feel my **** through them so she has no problem sharing that draw. we live on about 40 acres of land and when we first got it it had to be cleared I rented a dozer and cleared the parts that needed it then used a bush hug to clean the rest up. My wife asked after the first few days how it was going and I told her my boobs were sore from all the bouncing up and down on the tractor, I was just joking but the next morning after I had been clearing for about an hour and she had dropped the kids off at school she stopped by with a cup of coffee and a small bag and told me to try this on and see if it helps, I opened the bag and found a gray Sports Bra I told her no way was I going to wair a bra and she told me to shut up and try it that no one would see it under my shirt and it would help with all the bouncing up and down, because we still had alot of land to clear and would have to get back to work in a week so I tried it on and went back to land clearing. That night after a hot shower she asked if it helped and I told her I guessed it did that the boys felt alot better she said good because I bought you two one to wair and one in the wash, we were living in a camper on the land to save money to build our house and with six kids all in a camper live was rustic to say the least I woke up a few morning after that and found out I didn't have any clean underwair, my wife looked and said **** just wair a pair of my I will do some wash as soon as I get the kids to school and handed me a pair of purple panties I guess you could say they were bikini's I hated the idea of panties and a sports bra that was 22 years ago. I love my panties and still wear a storts Bra when I'm on the tractor or some days just working around the house and love them and when they start looking old I always find a new one then the bra draw..