Living On The Edge

I have been quiet and reserved all my life. for the past 18 years Since i began to speak. Always calm.  It's driven me to the brink of depression. never having fun.  I finally broke one day and jumped off my roof.  It was a one story drop, around 18-20 feet. Scared the crap out of me. When i landed, I realized i wasn't as hurt as I thought I would be. It wasn't as bad as everyone else around me told me it would be. They said it was stupid, insane that i would hurt myself. But I did it anyways.  That's when it hit me.  All these people who tell me that things are stupid, that i shouldn't do them, that I will get hurt if I tried, probably have NEVER done these things or even taken risks in their lives themselves. They live in fear of that 'What if'  question that everyone gets with situations. recently I took up Parkour. Its a discipline to train the body and mind to their maximum, of doing so as a perk you also train yourself for any environment.  I tend to step on the wild side, Doing anything I can that would get me hooked on that adrenaline I felt back then. It's amazing. that feeling that you are Alive, You are here In this world. Whether it causes pain or distress, or happiness, if its a risk that will give me my feelings back. If it will bring me into this world and out of the fake world everyone lives in surrounded by fear. I will do it. I love it now. I love taking that leap. It's the best feeling in the world. I've been hurt by a few things, taken a few bruises, a few hits here and there, and I've been looked at as insane or stupid by those around me, but to me, Taking the risk, Is well worth everything I must endure afterwards. These are My Risks, What are yours?

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

xD I know what you mean, I do have some boundaries, mainly because i have discovered my limits from time to time, But I push myself to those limits and then a little further each time. Im able to reach new heights with my wings in doing so even though the outcome sometimes have penalties but its something we all have to learn to deal with xD

i think risks are good - provided they are calculated risks. i cant say i would ever feel comfortable leaping from my roof :S <br />
but then i am a little crazy anyway! (less since i left college) i do like my outdoor pursuits, mainly caving which can be a bit sketchy. <br />
calculated risks mean that i can have fun but also have myself in one piece at the end of the day :)