San Diego Part 2

We walk by the Aircraft carrier Museum Midway.  We get onto an Old Town Trolley and start our tour of downtown San Diego.  Our trolley takes us by the W.H. Davis House on our way to El Prado and the famous San Diego Zoo.

We continue on to Old Town Market passing Whaley House as we travel.

We come to a building that looks like an old Spanish Mission. We are welcomed into the restaurant, which is good since we are starving, having nothing to eat since we left our homes.

The Mexican food is fantastic, not "TeX-Mex" that you find so often in some area but about as Mexican as you can get, fresh chips, garden salsa and the margaritas are very good also.

Our waiter takes good care of us paying us extra attention to make sure our experience of the meal and the atmosphere while enjoying the sun shining on us while we eat.

We talk and relax having enjoyed our trip so far, we let our food settle a bit before going back out to get on the trolley and go back to the marina to get our car.

We arrive at the car and then travel to Pacific Beach, we walk along the surf feeling the sand between our toes and the cool water washing over our feet.

It seems like only minutes but we notice that the sun is setting, we sit down to watch as the light from the sun fades and the last rays of the day play with the air on the horizon, until the dark blue blanket of night is pulled over us and the stars are out shining.

SHIVER.  It is cooling off.

We walk back to our car and drive to the hotel.  We clean up and get ready for a night out on the town.

Walking out of the lobby we turn and walk down about a block or so until we come to a Persian restaurant.  Our meals our different and taste exotic.  As we eat people are traveling up and down the sidewalk, we notice that they are ready for a party, looking down the street we see lines of people ready to go into a building. 

They are all very smartly dressed, women in heels and hose, smooth legs with skirts barely covering the tops of the hose, shirts with deep plunges on their chests.  They have a fantastic air about them with perfume on the breeze.  The men are also very dapper in their dress with slacks and a colorful shirt, sport jacket with a rose in the lapel, cologne is along side of the perfume in perfect compliment.

We finish our meal and join them in the line to go into the club.  The DJ is in his groove playing the hottest music and people are everywhere dancing and having a great party.

All before too long it is over, we are tired it is only 4 am as we walk back to our hotel with the music ringing in our ears and the smells of the people we danced with on our clothes as a reminder of the night we have had.

In going to our room we gather together in the biggest corner room over looking San Diego harbor.  We all take a shot glass and have a night cap of sipping blanco tequila.

We all say good night, hugs and hand shakes around.


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41-45, M
Feb 18, 2009