I Want To Be A Girly Girl

When I was younger girl, I was the one who put on the makeup and polish my nails. Now I' am 25, single and lazy. When going out with friends to an event I' am not motivated to look my best. Part of me know I don't care to take the time because I' am single. Don't get me wrong I try, but not that much; sometimes to the point where I' am dissatisfied with the way I look. So, what I do is make excuses in my head that I' am good enough and that I don't have to impress no one. I start to think the others, ( my friends), are putting all there energy into looking good because they are self conscience.

But you know what I realize, that maybe true sometimes. Some people dress for attention, but others because they care about themselves. Looking good is not about whether you single or not. It about the way you treat yourself.
I remember watching one of those reality shows, the coach said something powerfully. He said something to this effect "DRESS HOW YOU WANT PEOPLE TO SEE YOU OR TREAT YOU". I guess the idea is if you care about yourself enough then other will care. When you take the time to dress yourself before you walk out the door. You are telling the world I took the time to care for myself, so treat me with care.

I want to be more Girly. Not for attention. Not just because I maybe a little self conscience, but because I care about myself.

So I pray for the Motivation to take more time out to do so, and I' m going to start today.
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2 Responses Mar 19, 2012

i am feeling like that too. i just dont put effort into how i look anymore because im overweight... am thinking i should start.

You go girl.......remember you gotta love yourself first then you can spread that around to others and when you take care of you people see that getting to know you is worth their time. Good luck.