A Road Blcok In My Life

When I was in High school i was learning History, English and many more subjects I loved High School because i made a lot of friends and I pushed my self to learn I was in resource Science and i aced that class that i transferred into Mainstream Biology and i got a B in that Class!

Now 5 and a half years later I am at this day program called Paradigm i have made many friends but I am not learning anything that i learned from High School and i know this maybe insane but i miss homework and that i am not being challemged at all. The two places where i am learning is volunteering at The Monterey Aquarium and at Canterbury woods a senior retirement home here in this town.

So Now what should I stay at Paradigm where i am not learning anything but i do have friends or should I quit and volunteer and hope something good will happen to me.

I am having so many exparences that no one whom has a disabiltiy can have and i love my life.

Now that i am at paradigm this feels like a road block in my life where am i going being apart of Paradigm

I want to make my dreams come true but how can I when i have a road block in my life holding me back!
starlight88 starlight88
22-25, F
Jan 22, 2013