Lingerie Shopping With Wife

My wife and I go lingerie and panty shopping all the time. Its fun to see the looks on the sales clerks faces when they see the same panties or lingerie in 2 different sizes. My wife has even had long conversations with sales woman about how I enjoy wearing panties and lingerie and a few times I have walked over and got in on the conversation also, more woman are curious about guys wearing panties than you think, my wife enjoys telling them all about how she likes to see guys in panties and lingerie, and many have said they wish they could get there husband or boyfriend to be more playful and try on some lingerie or panties. I think coming from another woman it sparks there curiosity more than if I came up to them alone and said I like wearing panties and lingerie. When my wife tells them I like to wear panties or lingerie they are full of questions and curiosity and sometimes get jealous that my wife and I are so playful in the bedroom. I have even had a group of woman helping my wife and I pick out new things. Check out our profile for more about us.
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Apr 14, 2011