For ages I have had the urge to take my skirt off in public.  Not a complete ***** just my skirt.  The other day I achieved my goal!  I walked down a fairly busy high street unzipped my miniskirt and actually pulled it down!  I was wearing sexy underwear and it was a real thrill.  Lots of people looked in amazement.  I then stepped out of my skirt and flung it over my shoulder.  As I did this a couple of guys cheered.  It was such a turn on.  I then walked along the street like this for a while and then put my skirt back on.  I was so excited and want to do it again!!!

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I so wish I was there for that! pics needed next time! ;)

I'm very impressed! Thank you for sharing such a hot experience, and i wish i was around to see it!

Sounds amazing. They were very lucky to get to see you.

All day? Not sure about that. It might be fun, but a bit cold now!

was wondering if you would go all day like that

It's so cool taking my Skirt off in public. I just bought this sexy little Skirt in black:<br /> I just love the way it looks and feels, and know that I will be taking it out for a walk soon. It's a pull-on style, and therefore I shall be pulling it down in front of people ;-) Just got to make sure I'm wearing some sexy panties, which will probably be black. I just love black at the moment.

OhTracey, I would love to watch. I guess my fantasy would be to walk along behind you and watch your bottom. It would be so sexy if you lifted your skirt as you walked. I'd follow you anywhere..... :)

i've had some sucess in a long coat with stockings, heels & a smile. the boys, & some girls love to try & see me. makes me sooooo horny i usually have to take one of the audience for a walk in my park. of course going home with them running down my leg gets me horny again....cant help myself

If you take off your skirt in the cinema while it's dark and you are reasonably discrete, few people should be the wiser.

Very funny, my skirt fell down of it's own accord today! I was not thinking about taking it off, but had not fastened it properly! It's a wrap around mini kilt with velcro, but obviously had only just put the velcro slightly together. I stepped out of my car and then leaned in to get a package off the passanger seat. As I stood up straight I heard a rip sound and my skirt fell down around my feet! This was followed by many cheers from onlookers, and shouts of nice black panties. As this was not intentional, it came as quite a shock, but managed to compose myself and then slowly put the package back into the car, and then put my skirt back on. It was very exciting!!!!!

Wish i was there to see it, again! Very hot!

Hey thats a cool idea to take my skirt off in the cinema!!! I think I would get thrown out though, but might be worth it!!!

your very adventurous... i would like to hear more of your letting your skirt fall off..... in public places.

Yes it is much easier on a beach! I have since been daring enough to undo my skirt whilst walking along a street and let it fall down. It took a while and I had to help it on it's way. Even undone my skirt was hugging my figure. But I soon chickened out and pulled it back up.

Wow, I would love to see you that way! Isn't it easier on a buch than in a street to do it?

Today I achieved my goal!!!!!! The weather was really nice and took a day off work. I went to my local beach and took my skirt and top off!!!!!!! There were lots of people about and I know many guys were watching me. It was just so exciting. I was wearing really sexy lingerie, and as my skirt fell down I heard cheers and clapping. I wonder if I'm on film?

I have to say that today I was determined to have another go at taking my skirt off in public, but chickened out. I'm not happy about that, and don't understand why, considering I did it before and it felt soooo goooood!!! Oh well, will have another go, maybe tomorrow.

Cool idea!! Sounds like you have done it. Will have to give that a go for sure.

Sounds great!<br />
Just don't get caught.<br />
Make sure that there are no cameras.<br />
Try doing it at a construction site-safely behind a fence.<br />
You will hear cheers.<br />!!:-)