Off They Go!

I don't actually wear socks, but when I am forced into shoes by the powers that be, I am always looking for a way to get them off again as soon as possible. At work, for example, I slide them off under the desk and no one is the wiser.


I wrote this a long time ago, and a couple years ago I stopped wearing shoes altogether.

hadakarei hadakarei
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I haven't taken my shoes and socks off because I don't wear them. It is a cold wet day here and when I go out shortly I will be on my crutches, bare feet and ******** to the waist as well.

My feet have gotten tougher the more I go barefoot and I'm proud of that!

Good for you on the toughening up! The reason I hear most often for people not being barefoot is they think their feet are too tender. And yet they do nothing to change that!