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I have been doing a lot of research i even went to a professional gym in mexico city where all professional bodybuilders train and that's where I got my first cycle but im still hessitant about it i havent buy it yet cause i want to make sure whhen i get it i know im getting the best stuff cause there are a lot of brands out there

the trainer i spoke to after having train with him he recommended the following test propionate, equipoise, boldenon and winstrol with gh

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Boldenon is equipoise look man the best advice I can give you is just use test cypionate you can use propionate but you are gonna have to pin it about 3x a week and with cypionate or enanthate you can get away with once a week injections save the eq, gh and winstrol for other cycles just use test you're first cycle so you can see how you're body reacts and do you have you're pct do you're research get educated on this because this **** is not a ******* game you can really **** yourself up if you don't know what you are doing good luck.

whats the best thing out to get bigger and leaner

equipoise and boldenon are the same thing .. dont take advice from those losers most of them ar stuped and will ony give u the facts to get u big but not how to get big safly. the 2 dangorius thing about staroids are high blood pressure and high colesterol.. u need to make sure thease two thing are montered on cycle .. i get physicals when im on cycle .. if ur colesterol is high take a colesterol blocker and if ur blood pressure is high take a ameno acid called l arganine 3000mg 3 times a day many bodybuilders in the olden days did not montr thease things and thease are the two main things that cause a heart attack ... but it takes time ... thats why u hear people say u will pay for taking staroids later in life .... but u wont if u take proper percosions .. if u have any quiestions man let me know .. i can put u on a proper cycle .. depending on wt ur goals are either to get bigger or leaner or both let me know