I Deny The Existance Of The Holy Spirit, Yes I Do!!!

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I feel sorry for you-That you think-the word of God is one big joke. But even that you denounce God,you know he exist: if not you would not have nothing to come against or speak of. Let m
e put it like this: Just because you can't see something,hold it,feel it dont
mean that it does not exist. For example: You know-that you have a Jacket: You wear it,You see it,You feel it.(However You Never seen the designer with your own eye's,or actually seen them make it)So there for you have the evidence that it was made because
you have it. Not because you seen the person who designed and made it.

God is like that(We can't see him with are physical eye)but his evidence is everywhere,
we know there's a sky,sun,star's,Mountains and so forth)he created them,and therefore he
shared with us freely all he asked in return,is we love him, acknowledge him.

And about your comment-regarding forgiveness: If you truly new Jesus-You would already
know that he is willing to forgive you your sins: All you have to do is ask and truly mean it.

And he(Jesus)states your sins I will remember no more.(That means Yesterday,today and
tomorrow. . My question is to you-are you ready to forgive yourself and others-put the
past behind you. Gosh it's so much easier to let go-then carry a bunch of anger and strife
in your life(It's only hurting yourself when you aint willing to let go).

As you believe the things of this world-and believe why not give the bible the same chance
and find out for yourself who's telling the truth and who's telling the lie.

Treat it like a Mystery Novel/Crime seen and it's up to you to solve the Mystery.

I once was close to where your at-I decided not to go off someone elses idea's,teaching's or theroy,religion: But i decided i wanted to know the truth for myself. Listen i'm not
trying to Judge you-as i believe we all have sinned and have thing's were not proud of.
I'm just asking for you to keep an open mind. I know you prob. Don't appreciate what i say,but i come as a friend-not as a enemy. And I'm not afraid to say(I am a child of God).
I don't quite know how to word this/but i do not believe in Religion(man based Law)
God is not a Religion. His House(is not made with human hands) and Jesus is over
all Churches-he cannot be put into a specific catagory,but he is over all things/Creator.

Listen when i first read the Bible-I did'nt have a clue to what it was talkin about-because
i did'nt understand drove me all the more,to figure out what it was sayin. Now i know the

If denying the Holy Spirit means eternal pain and suffering in a lake of fire... I'm all for it (at least I'll be with interesting people and not mindless sheep). Cause the alternative is living with a sky daddy who is self centered and sadistic.

Oh screw that! Lead me into temptation!!! PLEEEEESE!!!

Rachael, Lead us not in to temptation.

Phew, well if it turns out im wrong and beg for forgiveness of thy lord, will all be forgiven? I bloody hope so! *i'm not scared, really im not, ill be ok* <br />
And if I am wrong, I'll let you know on the other side!

Oh my god, do you realize what you just did? There is no turning back for you now!<br />
<br />
Oh, and I deny the holy spirit too.