Convincing My Wife To Come....

We have beeb married for 12 years now. As far as I know, my wife does not have much sexual history with anyone other than me. Even if I am wrong about this, I would be highly surprised if she has slept with more than 1 guy before me. However she is not exactly a prude. She has dropped hints of being wild in her imagination. Inspite of her wild imagination, her moves/responses in bed are not all that great. This combined with the fact that we've been monogamous for 12 long years, our sex life has become boring and much worse the frequency has been dropping from once a week to just couple of times a month.

In order to spice up our sex life, I have asked her if she would be interested in going to a swing club. I have told her that it would be for watching alone, and that we would not be participating. I had to give her this assurance, otherwise she would completely back out. After I made this suggestion, we had few back and forth talk about it and I could see clearly that she was getting very excited. I could see the glee in her eyes. However, I think she is also worried that once we go to this club, I might all of a sudden realize that she is not that all that great and get disinterested in her. This comes from her own insecurities about her weight. Yeah, she is chubby and has has extra fat around her waist. She asked me "what if other girls in the club hit on you, what will you do?" I replied that I will not entertain them as we are going there just for watching. My hope is that once we get there, we both get turned on and I let her get enjoyed by men - not with sex (that will be a drastic first step), but just with petting, touching etc.. or even a massage. That will be nice - her on a massage table completely naked and several hands massaging her.

I am not sure if I will be able to convince her to come to the swing club. But keep following this thread, ... I might have some positive updates in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, any feedback from you folks will be much appreciated. My post is not as wild as others.. but hey, we are a regular couple and this post is all real.

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Wow your story is pretty close to what I'm going through, my wife is mostly missionary and nothing else, she doesnt even like any sort of oral sex, I'm the only one that has ever had sex with her, I would love to have her seduced by another man.

Have you been to a swinger club yet with your wife? If so, could you share the story?

Awesome, I really like the way you think. The massage and touch schema is great.

I am happy that you are thinking about your spouse.All the others say they want this or that but you are different.I like you and wish you the fulfillment of your wish.