Anal Sex Advice.

If it is your first time, take it slow. Your first time sometimes comes with some anxiety. It is important that you relax and accept the fact that you are going to let your man have your ***. It is going to be something that you will always remember. So make sure it is special.

Be sure he is as hard as possible and well lubed from tip to balls.

Have him rub lube in your *** while you give him head. This will drive him crazy and give him a raging hard on. The more rigid you can get his **** the better. A fully erect ****, will give you more direct penetration which your *** will adjust to faster. Getting ****** by a more flaccid penis takes longer and usually hurts a bit more. I have been ****** by both, which is why I say the harder the ****, the better the ****.

You may want to ride him or sit on his **** reverse cowgirl the first time so that you can control the pace of it. The visual of you using his **** to penetrate yourself will only help your cause by making him that much harder. The harder the **** the better the ****.

The first time you are fully penetrated you feel a little pain, Just take it slow and relax your *** around it as much as possible. It will feel like you have to poop but you wont.*note: You should make sure your bowels had been recently vacated before hand and that you clean the inside of your *** with your middle finger to wash out all remnants.* (kinda gross, but its better than poop on the sheets and his ****.) Making sure you are clean will help boost your confidence that you do not have to poop. Just keep relaxing your *** around his ****.

Having a huge **** up your *** feels great. after you finger yourself deeply you will understand why. Inside your *** is very soft and velvety. when well lubed it feels incredible to your finger. Then imagine how it must feel to him to have his manhood buried up to the hilt as you pump back to meet his thrusts to have him in you that much deeper. It must give him so much pleasure. Once you get used to having him inside you enjoy it. Savor how it feels. The penis feels completely different than you imagine it to when its inside of you. Really focus on how every inch of it feels as it slides in and out of you. Work up a rhythm with him meet his thrusts with your own, but do it slowly and gently. Focus on him. Look him in the eyes while he penetrates you. Tell him you love his **** as you grind your *** up and down his shaft. Focus on how he reacts as your *** brings him closer to climax. marvel at the way the penis feels when it is spasming a climax inside of you.

If you are anything like me you will ****** at some point while he is inside of you. When and if you ****** before he has be sure to focus even harder on him to be sure that you return the favor and not act like you are bored and want it over.I always ****** when my boyfriend penetrates me with out touching my on **** at all. I catch it in my hand and let my boyfriend watch me eat it which causes him to blow his load in me right away most of the time. Other times he has crazy stamina and ***** me for another 20 minutes before he finally ****.

Just focus on pleasing him and enjoying yourself while you do. Remember, a hard penis is the best penis.
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5 Responses Feb 5, 2011

how very true, the harder the better. a flaccid penis hurts more .my new bf gets rock hard and i love it!!!!he can also keep it up for a hour and give him 15 min and it's rock hard again!

Great advice and moral booster

ummm cowgirl is my favorite position!! I love slidingmy *** over his ****... watching his face as I take him all the way to his nuts. Then I have this little move where I slightly scootmy *** forward and back without lifting off him... drives him crazy!!!

i love having my bf **** me like that