Why Do We Let It Rule?

So many people are hurting and alone.  And why?  Because we're afraid to care and love.  Our hearts have been broken too many times.  Pain has become our greatest fear.  Anything to keep from feeling pain.  We keep to ourselves.  We don't show people we care.  We won't love because we might get hurt.  Lose our heart...love the wrong one.  But then life without love and caring is no life at all.  So what if we get hurt?  So what if he doesn't love you the way you want to be loved?  Does he show love in his own way?  Is it so wrong to just accept who gets put in your life and love them to the fullest?  Why do we think there has to be "the One"?  The One that what?  That is everything we want.  That fits the list we were told to create.  That can fulfill every need.  Are we really that self-centered to believe we can withhold what was freely given to us?  Love is all around us.  We get to enjoy it each and every day if we but look around.  And then we can give it to those who come into our lives.  Freely without any expectations or conditions.  Love those who are sent your way.  Be for them what you would want someone to be for you.  No more fear.  Don't let it rule anymore.

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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Very lovely. Right age group and right coast any way.<br />

Thank you. I hope that I can apply it as well as I wrote it/