Slanderous Lies Against People On the Net

I happen to belong to a rather famous discussion forum, the very same one that has been talked about in a number of the stories here at the subject "I Want To Talk About Internet Cancers"
For the most part this forum, MyLot is great, I've met many really, genuinely great people and feel very close to many of them.  I've gotten to get to know people I would have otherwise have never met but only due to the wonders of the Internet.  This forum is not without its problems.  Lately in particular the site has been plagued by trolls, those nefarious troublemakers that don't have anything better to do with their times or lives.  It has gotten downright aggravating to say the least.  Many of these trolls were former members banned and have a grudge about that, so they come back to wreck havoc and the new favorite MO is to be a  copy cat, that is impersonate fellow old time members by coming back with user names similar to the original name but with a slight spelling difference. 

Anyway, it's bad enough to have to contend with trolls at this site, but then there is another aggravation, to say the least, and that is to discover outright slanderous lies being told by one former member of MyLot, and blog one's feelings on other sites.

With me it all started sometime ago when I had a falling out by a long time member there...I'm a long time member of MyLot as well.  At first I was genuinely sympathetic to the person as she had many personal problems at home and often would do "Rant" type discussions there.  So many of us gave the person sympathy and often gave advice of how she should try to get genuine help.  A year passed, and she was still ranting.  Then she went on a temper tantrum tizzy fit and was starting to do rather outright flaming discussions against members...they were deleted of course as it's not allowed to flame anyone.  Frankly, I had enough, and deleted her as a friend, but I did do a personal email to her to explain why.  Well, this didn't go over too well with her, and sure enough she did a flaming discussion about me.  No she never outrightly named me, but I knew it was all about me.  She off course got sympathy for it.  I stayed out of it completely and didn't even bother to respond as I just knew she was trying to lure me into the fight and it would have served no purpose to waste my time with it.

With all her bellyaching, and flaming discussions she was banned...but oh, boy did she hold a grudge on me, and in private emails claimed I was some kind of ringleader and caused her to be banned.  Like I said I stayed out of it.  If she was banned it had nothing to do with me, but others, who took her flaming discussions and reported them--I didn't even bother to report, like I said I just stayed out of it as this was the type of person that couldn't be reasonably talked to...she had made her own conclusions about me and nothing would change it.  She claimed for instance that I had "Power" over at MyLot...what power????  She claimed I told my friends to delete her as a an email to her I told her if they deleted her it was their own choice....I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  But like I said, the woman by now I think was delusional and couldn't be reasoned with.

Well, only lately, I happened to come across links to blogs she had made.  It's really not hard to find such things, as in many cases all one has to do is a engine search, though a link to one blog at another site was actually forwarded to me by a was a posting at another site I happen to belong to.  I knew she was there but kept my distance.  Anyway, I couldn't believe the sheer crap that was being said...not only about me, but a number of others at MyLot...ALL LIES.  The post has since been deleted as I and another person who was mentioned in this slanderous post and also a member wrote to one of the administrators there but I have a copy of it before it was deleted.

Then at another site I used to belong to, a social networking type, this person is also a member, and as you can guess she had the same slanderous garbage on her blogs there.  Even though I'm not a member there any longer, I was able to find her profile page via another member and was able to find him by simply doing once again an engine search.  Since the profile was not set to private I was able to see this person's friends list and bingo, the slanderer was there as a friend.  I plan to post a copy of these entries....before they are deleted as no doubt they will be.

Bottom line:  Would love to sue this ***** since everything but everything she says there are outright lies created by a irrational, delusional person.

It also makes one wonder...if this person could be one of the trolls now wrecking havoc at MyLot

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Wow. Very eye-opening for a social media greenie. No amount of technology seems to help us escape dramas like this.

Poor mylot! It's such a good site bedeviled by such bad people. Life's too short for vendettas. Good post DreamWolf. Good post.