A Note On Karma

There was a questioner in Q & A asking about karma, and the answers revealed that many people have misconceptions about it. I am repeating my answer here, because this will be more accessible, and the subject of Karma I think is such an important one for the understanding of Life, and getting the best out of one's experiences. Also to understand why judging people is so perilous - as one simply doesn't have all the necessary information to assess them properly.

One of the main reasons why people don't understand karma is, I believe, because re-incarnation is a fact of life at the moment; and one doesn't see the Big Picture - only one life. So you don't see what the causes were if they were in another life, and you can't follow up to see the effects in a future life.

Another reason why its hard to understand is that karma can be subverted FOR A TIME - but eventually it plays out, with the added karma for subverting it!

Another reason is that karma can be very complicated, as there is an Original Cause, and that gets added to over the millennia sometimes with other causes and effects, a bit like the layers of an onion. To resolve it, you have to see and understand the Original Cause; else some of the subsidiary causes start to act, and one thinks that the problem hasn't been solved, because it keeps on happening with more of the same... Getting the Original Cause gets rid of the whole series.

Be assured that karma IS a Law of this Universe, and will always find its own - in due course! Karma is educational - NOT punitive!
Be also assured that NOTHING happens entirely by chance - there are always antecedents and reasons...
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Great Story! Thanks for making it permanent. I joined to post my own similar take on this tricky subject for the same reason as you - to point up that people by and large seldom take the Grand View and as a result don't see the forest made of the trees.

Thanks, LV!

Well spoken I totally agree with you

@lakeside75<br />
In addition to what I wrote to Dragoncat:<br />
I understand that the number of souls that incarnate in children and are without karmic precedent are comparatively few. Of most children today you could say "they are not 'innocents'" - most are coming in to attempt to clear their karma with their associates in this life, and perhaps to do other services. The way is being cleared for the very high-potential children to come in the near future - until that is done, though, those wouldn't survive intact.

@Dragoncat: Re: National Karma<br />
It is my understanding that any group, large or small, is an entity in its own right, and thus its individual members contribute to the Group Karma - which then affects all members to at least a certain degree. So there is Religion karma, National karma, Bank karma, karma of a particular sport, etc., etc. Whatever you are a part of, whatever you join, you contribute karma to in your actions involving that group, and in turn that group contributes its karma to you. This is part of the thing of "all life being connected". To me this is logical - does it make sense to you?<br />
<br />
As far as chemical memory inhibitors go, one has to know the origins behind these things to be able to see the real reason... WHY does the chemical - and the circumstance - exist? A chemical would just be the manifestation of an inner reason for the circumstance. The Human Race has been INTERFERED with; right now, most people are not aware of the many implants that every human has in the etheric body, which are designed to try to prevent us from waking up to our spiritual potential and shaking off these limitations that we're working / living under, which ENSURE that we act unappropriately (with hate, greed, etc. etc.) as we do. It is not our original designed nature to act and be this way; we have been spiritually "hobbled" in order that the Opposers keep us under control. Thus, we have been cut off from the guidance we should be getting from the highly advanced guides in the higher dimensions, and of course have lost our way as a result... that has the intended effect of preventing our ascension and upliftment.<br />
<br />
These circumstances are themselves ancient karma, because our ancient ancestors ALLOWED themselves to be seduced into making contracts with the Opposers (because they didn't suss them out for what they were), and hence opened the door to the interference. Until very recently, the higher spiritual beings felt unable to intervene to help, because the reasons for the interference were karmic, and seemed to have to be dealt with by us. And we couldn't do that because of the veils over us. However, within the last year or two, one of the very highest beings has taken its over-ruling jurisdiction and given us help that is essential to our recovery.<br />
If you want to know more about this, go to:<br />
http://heart-of-the-earthmother.com/forum/<br />
Be prepared to have a sincerely open mind; as you might expect, this info is new and unlike any other!

An interesting perspective, and I'm not trying to change your thoughts in any way. But I seem to also recall that there is a chemical found in the embryonic sac that is known to inhibit memory. Now it could be said that this is to prevent one remembering the traumatic effect of the birthing process. But it also makes one think seriously about reincarnation, and that such a thing would also stop one from remembering a past life.<br />
<br />
For me, this is all an open concept... something I can neither prove nor disprove. So I look at it with an open mind. When it comes to Karma and Nations, I know that empires rise and fall... some do to their own blunders, others due to weird geological catastrophes. You are right that it is just a group or cluster of individuals. But at the same time I believe that their is a great spiritual force that allows life on this plain, and that we as individuals are like drops of water in a much larger collective ocean. Our journeys, in my opinion, is one of spiritual discovery. Mankind is equipped for this challenge, but he is very slow to take it up. This may be due his distractions, but he is also gifted with the ability to control his concentration, allowing him to focus on a higher purpose if he so chooses. If this is an individual thing, then not everyone will ascend, if there is a higher level of spiritual development that has yet to be reached. This too... is a law of nature, "survival of the fittest". I think that there are spiritual laws that allow one to open doors if one seeks the proper path. But I also believe that it is possible to learn lessons by taking the improper path as well, it is just that sometimes such lessons are harder and carry a much stronger "shock" process which is used as a learning tool.

I couldn't agree more about interference and opposition to ascension however I strongly feel that it is we who do the greatest damage to ourselves. It is we who choose to be materialistic and selfish instead of idealistic and altruistic. It is we who choose to fear and hate one another instead of embracing faith and love. Ultimately therefore, I think we must learn to take responsibility for the choices we make in the here and now because these create the consequences we face in the hear and now. I am not certain about the pre-historical basis of our present age because I firmly resist the idea that the cosmos has been doing nothing more than recycling souls since the beginning of time. We are all connected and in this way we all share a common past and future (yes some souls actually return to retake the journey of life) but the vast majority of children born are new and unique individuals with no karma except that which they begin to create otherwise that which they share with all other creatures who inhabit the planet. I do not think nations have karma because a 'nation' is simply a group of distinct and seperate individuals. I think all political entities are artificial constructs invented by those who wish to manipulate others. There are really no nations - the human race is actually one large extended family.

I remember reading somewhere that nations too have Karma, which also must be worked out and could later impact them down the road. Would you have a perspective that you could share with us on this? Would you consider this to be true?

And many many more blessing to you my friend,,,Love and Light Mary

Thanks for your comment, Mary! Blessings!

I love this post,,,only God/Goddess gets to judge creation,,,and their judgement is just,,,because they have lived all of our many many lives,,,and it is our own judgement of others that will be reaped here in the final days,,,people need to wake up,,,and you won't be able to hide when everything is said and done,,,,Its One Love One heart,,lets get together and feel alright,,,I love Bob Marley so much,,,when I get to heaven I am going to be jammin with him everyday,,,,Love and Light Mary

Thanks, Lakeside75, for your comment.<br />
Reincarnation is not a result of karma, but an adjunct. However, you are right in stating that people generally can't remember what they did wrong in a previous life, and that does interfere with the effectiveness of karma. This lack of memory is so because our human evolution has been interfered with in order that we would not ascend (and ascend with the planet) - because the Opposers who interfered did not want humans to evolve and ascend, because they would no longer have the control over us that they do now. And since evolving / ascension requires one to clear one's karma, what better way to interfere than to make it virtually impossible to clear karma - since it has to be understood; and if you can't do that, you can't clear it.<br />
<br />
However, there is a way to research one's karma and find out about it and forgive and clear it. It requires a certain technique of what might be called "Spiritual Science", and is not a trivial task, since by now our karmas are so involved, intertwined and complex - because it has gone unresolved for so long - tens of thousands of years. And humans mostly are too "asleep" (unaware) of the higher dimensions to be able to see their karma. The original design for karma was that it would all be resolved before the end of the embodiment - which in those days could be 2000 years or more. Because things were done to us and the planet, our lives greatly shortened; thus the one-embodiment idea was insufficient to get everything seen to.<br />
<br />
Karma can be racial and national as well as individual... Many children die from RACIAL karmic circumstances - which Humanity as a whole must understand and then take steps to rectify. <br />
For instance, many people starve while in first world countries food is either wasted, fed to pigs, or made into fuel... It is the part of compassion and DUTY OF LOVE for those countries who have a surplus to SEE TO IT that it is somehow given to those fellow humans in need, so that noone goes hungry. But they give excuses and say "Its not economical" (ie. they can't make a profit if they do that). That attracts the karma of Omission, and the hungry stay hungry... and maybe die. Who is being callous then?

I've got a few reservations about reincarnation being the result of karma for 'educational' purposes because how can u learn a lesson if 99.9% of the time the individual cannot recall what he did right or wrong in the previous life? I think it's callous to justify the suffering of any individual by suggesting they have a lesson to learn in this life as a result of events in a previous life which nobody can recall. Over a million people (children included) perish each day from preventable causes - does it make the situation alright since we can attribute it to karma?