Karma And Physics...

I think the laws of physics state that an object will continue in a straight line until a more powerful object or some other force acts upon it to change its direction? Well how about this? The laws of the cosmos state there is no such thing as a straight line only the teeny tiny section of a greater circle because everything is part of a cycle and will eventually return to its original point of origin. Is this the source of Karma? A programme administered by the 'Elementals' until a greater consciousness intervenes? All things are part of the cycle but humans just happen to be a little unfortunate because most humans aren't too pleased with the thought of 'returning to dust'. There really is nothing 'evil' about returning to the cosmic dust from which we came except we do not operate on an ob jective 'elemental' level. Most of us have a subjective 'individual' consciousness fraught with all its struggles and conflict. Most teachings therefore seek the means by which the 'individual' can escape the grip of the cycle of Karma - the answer lies in the elevation of consciousness from the level of sub jective 'individual' to the level of objective 'universal' - far above elemental consciousness, high above individual consciousness. So that's my solution, as long as we continue to be individual, seperate and selfish then we remain subject to the elemental powers which govern Karma (and matter). Yet it is the conflict and suffering which we experience as seperate individuals which teaches us of the existence and importance of a higher 'universal' consciousness. For those who achieve this 'universal' consciousness, the laws of Karma no longer apply because the 'universal' consciousness creates a new cycle (like the coils of a spring which goes on forever) a cycle of love, peace and light! A greater force has acted upon the lesser!
lakeside75 lakeside75
31-35, M
Jul 10, 2010