Cycle = Rondo .

Cycle - Rondo ...(Reinne ー 輪廻 )

Transmigration of the soul.... Samsara (endless cycle of rebirth, Samsara), the Vedic, in terms such as seen in the Buddhist scriptures, and incarnated many times, to be reborn in all kids of living form including the animals.

 The transmigration of the soul of the Kanji character has come from that returns to the origin drawing the circle the repetition of transmigration as the life is infinite..

It is a phenomenon (phosphorus + [e] = linnean) in which sandhi ([renjou]) in Japanese philology to read as linnean "Transmigration of the soul". 

life as cycle.....  





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Oh! I believe that too! I believe before i am human,i was a dog!