Different Kinds

There are different kinds of love,

Parental love: Unconditional, not expecting much in return and yet a bit bossy. They think they know what's best for their children and do anything to achieve that!

Child love: Unconditional, expecting a lot and not giving much back. Yet sometimes it's mixed with a bit of resentment, specially in teenagers.

Family love: Bonded by blood!! can't have can't let go. It's the most expecting love, you just have to do many thing to prove your love and what ever you do, they talk! and they expect more!

Partner love: Of course there is always a catch, it's a give and take love, you want it to grow, you have to sacrifice and expect that in return. You have to be open, honest and share your most private and sacred thoughts. Hold nothing back. But when it's one sided, it's doomed!

Friend love: Most objective, most giving and less expecting love, two people just trying to make each other feel better and help each other on challenges and problems encountered in life. Each can keep something back and still be loved. Encouraging and peaceful love.

That's my categorization, of course there are better ones, I can think of some modifications myself.

I hope to see your definitions.


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I am a lucky person who meets real loving person, its easy to love and give love when you receive it.

I think you are someone with much love to give....who knows what each and every type of love requires.

Well said.<br />
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Thank you very much for adding that, of course as I said my category is small and lacks so many things, I can never define love, but everyone who felt love can try.<br />
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Thanks for the comment

One more? goal love, the desire to bond together with others for a great and good purpose -- the Quakers and their friends who maintained the Underground Railroad in the USA during the mid -1800's to free men and women from slavery, the many groups working to end poverty and war today -- couples who commit to the long task of preparing children for the years ahead, regardless of their biological parentage.<br />
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Parent love - child love? "Love" is not "like" -- so yes, there's some natural chafing as everyone grows older. Quiet, obedient, children, all-knowing mothers and fathers? Please. Love is messier, and that's a good thing.

Thank you very much for adding your choice, well spoken.<br />
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I completely agree with you, and then you can add parental love for you kids, and some friendly love to make life even sweeter.

Dearest Angel, Thank you very much for adding your definitions, I agree with what you added.<br />
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Love is so complicated that it can't be defined in just some words.

parental love:what i know is from my ep dad..that he wasnts the best and cares.also wants honesty and i think thats right<br />
<br />
child love:u might love,care but not get the same..for ep dad i believe its nice to give and take<br />
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partner love:---i guess doing so much without return..yet its beautiful if u love and be loved.<br />
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friend love:the most wonderful thing..<br />
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but i guess u cant just write in few words...