Love is  hateful and wonderful.

Love is dark and light.

Love is hell and heaven.

Love is rain and sun.

Love is winter and summer.

Love is hot and cold.

Love is ugly and beautiful.

Love is a endless river.

Love is precious.

Love is pure.

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Thanks Dark.

Go for it justmeonline. You are a smart man. I'm sure you have some good to write about love.

Good for you LyNz46


That's often the strange thing about love, that it can be so contradictive...

that's your opinion. I have mine.

I don't agree with all this opposing heaven and hell stuff. I think that's make believe. Love is about loving someone and being loved back.<br />
<br />
Love is knowing someone deeply and knowing you can trust them completely. Love is caring about someone so much that you want to make them as happy as you can and they want to do the same for you. Caring about them so that you could never hurt them.