I am an attention wh*re so me is my favorite subject. What would you like to know?

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Well i am back from the doc and you wanted me to ask later so what type of person are you really?

Okay i will come back to it later and ask you more questions. Even the one you want me to ask.

Who I really am as a person but hold that thought for a little while. I have to take care of some things.

If there was anything i could ask you right now what would you most desire me to ask?

That is basically it but I do want to travel more.

So basically you have done so much already you just want the simple joys in life?

i am constantly in school attempting to learn new things but not sure what my next goal is there.

What about personal enhancement? Knowledge you don't have that you always wanted?

nope. I have had the big house, the BMW's in my garage, stained glass out the butt, crystal, and a lot of really nice things. There is nothing material in life that i crave that I don't already have.

What about possessions? Dream cars and houses, anything you really want and don't have?

I like having a home base.

So you wouldn't say you are the nomad spirit type?

My family, certain men, the differences in culture, food (I lost lots of weight in India because I couldn't eat.)

What about the US made you long to return?

I love traveling but I always long to return ti the US.

What did you think of it?

With my job and personal travel. I have been all over Europe. I have been to Brazil, India, Mexico, Philippines, all 50 US states, Argentina.etc as well. I traveled for almost two decades.

How did you travel the world?

I have traveled the world but there re places I would go back to like the Bahamas, Aruba, Germany, Japan, or anywhere that I take a whim to visit. Jobs, i would like to be a writer. I mean a fiction writer because I already do technical writing/editing. No desire to change the world. i just want to live in it happily.

What about jobs? Things to do and see? places to go? Changing the world?

To have a baby... to simply wake up one morning and never have to take another drug... to get through this day without my dog farting.

You share a lot of yourself on here, but it is always really passionate or sensual. What are your non sensual desires?