I Am Did, Dating Someone With Did

I know my story may sound a little out there, but I gaurentee you every bit is true.
This is my real life, and my girlfriend and I both have DID to different degrees.
I have a history (as far as I know) of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and was raised in a house with domestic violence until the age of 9ish. I have close to no actual memory of any of these things, they have been brought out in therapy by my alters.
I have 2 alters, Lince (emotional and sexual alter) and Emma (child alter, holds abuse memories). My girlfriend says she has met 2 others though, Evan (child alter) and Jessica, though I am not aware of them or hear them. I don't know what memories they hold yet.
I am a woman, I am lesbian, have been for several years now. After being in and out of the hospital over a 4 year span and having several diagnosis (schitzophrenic, bipolar, OCD, borderline, massive chronic depression, anxiety and panic disorders, ect), I was finally diagnosed with DID about 2 years ago, and have been in and out of therapy since.

My girlfriend has a history of sexual and physical abuse, and whole I don't know everything about her past (and neither does she), was also raised in a violent home with a neglagent father. She has not had an easy life. She has some knowlege of what happened to her, shown to her in triggered flashbacks. She has been diagnosed several different things (schitzophrenic, bipolar, borderline, ect.) and after many failed treatments, gave up on therapy and has been trying to manage.
She has 3 alters that we're aware of, though her behavior sugjests more. There is Damion, a straight male (self-proclaimed physical
protector). There is Dani, a straight female (emotional protector). Last there's cobi (abused child alter).
She has been a lesbian her whole life, and has not been diagnosed with DID by a physiatrist yet, I know she isn't faking it. I have dated Fakers before, and while I'm not a psychologist, I can gaurentee she has DId, down the to littlist detail.

We are very much in love. We have agreed when I move in we will begin individual and partner therapy. I love her as a whole, I hve met all of her alters and her mine, although not all of our alters have met eachother.
Neither of us are on any medication, except for my occasional sleep-aid for night terrors, and anti-anxiety meds, both taken when
needed. I believe she is on an anti-depressant, but doesn't regularly take it. We were introduced by a friend, bothbof us coming out of bad relationships, mine actually ended because of my alter, Lince (whose straight) sleeping with a man. Neither of us knew of eachothers condition, and I didn't tell her until I was comfortable. Then she told me she had been diagnosed all these different things and they weren't right, she thought she was undefined schitzofrenic or something. After meeting Damion and hearing of her past, I knew what she had wasn't schitzophrenia.

I am DID, dating the most amazing DID woman, but sometimes it's hard when our alters don't get along, or when it causes extreme anxiety for me that I may hurt her, and vise versa. In other ways, we couldn't be more perfect for eachother. We can automatically tell when the other is not herself, know how to handle flashbacks and attacks, and knows how to help the other.
I have been looking everywhere for advice on dating someone with DID if you also have DID and I couldn't fond anything, so hopefully posting my story will help someone else if ever in that situation.
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I dated a guy who has did and I also have did. it was a disaster since his alter was abusive and hostile and it brought out donica, who is my defender and Lauren who is my protector the both did not like him and attacked him. blah..I met new guy who only seems to have one alter which is not bad. however he is gentle to me and all so things are going well right now. he seems to be able to handle my defensive alters with ace.. that is new to me, I keep thinking he is going to leave me though or eventually get sick of me. I am trying hard not to worry about that.